Life Lately

Life Lately

I’m going to confess something to you: I had editorial content lined up for this week, but it just didn’t get finished! Don’t worry; it’s helpful and relevant content that we’ll still be sharing in the coming weeks! Progress, not perfection, right?

The past two weeks have been full of fun and exciting things in the Cultivate office, and I wanted to invite you behind the scenes of some of these fun projects! If you follow us on social media, some of this might be old news to you, but we know many of our friends aren’t on Instagram or have stepped back from it, so I wanted to offer a Life Lately post of sorts! Our office might not be big enough to invite each of you over for coffee, but we hope you enjoy this peek into our week!


Most days we play Tetris in Lara’s refrigerator with our individual lunches, but a spring potluck was on the calendar earlier this week! It might have been 30 degrees outside, but we enjoyed sitting around a table and soaking in the sunshine! We also learned a lot of fun new facts from Lara’s Amazon Echo.


Can I brag on Nicole for a second? She takes all the product photos you see in our shop, and I usually take photos of her taking photos. Seriously, if I scrolled through my phone I’m sure I’d come across at least 15! Luckily, she doesn’t seem to mind.


We’re big college basketball fans in the office (anyone else rooting for a UNC vs. Duke championship game?), but the brackets we’ve printed and hung in the office aren’t about basketball teams; they’re about the best Southern foods! The Southern Weddings Mason-Dixon Madness is on, and we need your help voting for the best Southern food to see who comes out on top.


MTH Conference kicks off next week, and we’ve been finalizing the last details! We can’t wait to meet these ladies!


We’re launching five (!!!) new volumes of Write the Word next month, but that’s not all! We’ve got these beautiful Faith Desk Cards coming to the shop too!

Speaking of Write the Word journals, I’m having a really hard time keeping these things a secret from you! I was able to help choose the themes and Scripture for these, and I cannot wait for you to see the full collection!


The inside liners of the new Write the Word journals. You guys, these entire things are wonderful. Okay, no more pictures! 🙈


Lara has been hard at work on her Gardening 101 series, and she wrapped it up earlier this week! Even if you think you have a brown thumb, this is the place to start. She offers great advice and some sweet encouragement to you! (PS. You can win a garden. A whole garden!!)

Finally, we don’t have any photos yet, but if you watched Lara’s Instagram stories, you saw that we decided to rearrange the entire office yesterday! We’re excited to better use the space for our growing team!

What have you been up to lately? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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