It’s Okay To Grow Slow

It’s Okay To Grow Slow

We might be wrapping up Cultivate What Matters Week, but that doesn’t mean our little by little progress ends here! The Cultivate Team is committed to continuing to encourage and equip you on your journey to make what matters happen in your own lives!

Our final piece of encouragement to you is this-it’s okay to grow slow. When we look at the defining moments in our company this past year, we see a thread of intentional decisions we have made as a team to grow deeper instead of wider. What does that mean exactly?

It means we ordered the exact number of 2017 PowerSheets our team knew we could handle well.

It means we’ve chosen to say no to opportunities we are excited about to ensure our team is not stretched too thin.

It means we say no to ordering larger quantities so that we can spend our time building relationships with each of you.

We want to stay small because small doesn’t mean that we aren’t making an impact. Small means we get to talk on the phone with many of you, one-to-one. We have the bandwidth to build relationships with you. Small means we get to know your stories, and then share those stories with the rest of our community. Small means we get quality over quantity, and we have no intentions of changing that.

When the world says do more, grow faster, go, go, GO, we are choosing to celebrate the sprouts we see coming through the dirt. Why?

We believe that growing an intentional life is possible, right where we are: in the mess, in the tension, in the wait, and in what may feel imperfect.

We believe that good things grow over time, through little-by-little progress.

We believe that cultivating what matters isn’t magic: it takes hard work and intentional decisions. From tilling up the earth and planting seeds, to tending and pruning, to the harvest, growing good things takes muscle, heart, and leaps of faith.

We believe cultivating what matters changes everything.

Celebrate the little by little progress you’ve made on your goals, and trust that while you might now see the growth sprouting through the ground quite yet, the roots are growing deeper to support what is to come!

Download your Cultivate Manifesto, preorder your 2017 PowerSheets (scheduled to ship later this spring), and follow Lara’s 2017 Goal-Setting Series to set intentional goals right now, right where you are! It’s never too late to begin cultivating what matters. Thank you for allowing us to cheer you on!



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