Introducing the Celebrations Binder!

Friends, I just completed my prep day for January, and I can't tell you how good it feels to know I'm prepared well for the entire month ahead! Nothing's going to sneak up on me, and my people will all know how loved they are!

I've been doing this relational prep day thing for about a year now (it was the inspiration for the product I'm about to introduce you to!), and it's safe to say that few other changes have made as big of an impact on my life and the life of my family as this one. I'm excited for you to make the switch, too!!

If you're tired of feeling unprepared for friends' birthdays, throwing family celebrations together at the last minute, and missing opportunities to live out what matters in your daily life—friend, meet the Celebrations Binder.

The Celebrations Binder is a simple, intentional planning system for all of your celebrations—big and (especially!) small!

As with Lara's "tending" epiphany that led to PowerSheets®, a similar realization led to the Celebrations Binder: a little forethought goes a long way!

The new, undated Celebrations Binder is a simple system and a place to keep it all together. It will help you define the memories, traditions, and experiences that matter to you, and prepare for them with ease.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • undated pages - start planning any month of the year!
  • a rhythm and structure for monthly prep days
  • a monthly checklist to make planning quick and simple
  • space to dream and plan for the events you’ve chosen to celebrate
  • a perpetual calendar to track important birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones
  • tips for celebrating well

In our over-scheduled, overwhelming digital age,the Celebrations Binder will help you and your family slow down, capture the moments that matter—and stress less while doing it. Our pretty sorbet binder is A5 sized, with six rings (perfect to add in your own pages!) and two pockets to hold your favorite greeting cards.

When we ask people what they want to cultivate —what matters most to them —the answers are almost always about relationships. If you've struggled with marking occasions and celebrating your loved ones in the past, this binder could be exactly what you've been looking for— the perfect opportunity to write a new story.
Curious to see how Lara uses her Celebrations Binder? Tune in to our recent free webinar, How to Cultivate Your Year, where she walks you through using your Celebrations Binder alongside your PowerSheets®!
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