I Bought My PowerSheets—Now What?

I Bought My PowerSheets—Now What?

The first PowerSheets® boxes have left our shipping team's hands and have begun to show up on doorsteps across the country (and around the world!), and we couldn't be more excited for each of you! 

Ready to dig into your 2023 goals right now? You're in luck! There's nothing magical about January 1st, and you can start cultivating what matters, right where you are, TODAY!

Here are seven ways to get started with your PowerSheets® goal planner right now: 

1. Get to know your goal planner

After writing your name (page 1!), flip through to find your:

  • Stickers (right at the front—they're important!) 
  • Prep Work section (where you'll uncover your big picture vision)
  • Action Plan pages (where you'll create clear plans and start your goals well)
  • First monthly Tending List (January!)
  • Quarterly Refresh pages (where you'll press the restart button and clear away the clutter every 90 days)

Start to familiarize yourself with the PowerSheets process and let the guided questions sink in without rushing to answer them right away. Your brain will start to make connections and dream up new ideas in the background over the next few weeks!

2. Commit to making a mess with your Goal Ideas page.

We are big fans of the fine art of "making a mess" throughout your PowerSheets, but especially on page 5. This page is first for a reason—even before you start your Prep Work, use it to jot down ideas, hopes, and dreams about 2023 as they come to you over the next few weeks, as you're going about your daily life. Don't lose those good ideasjust get them out with whatever pen is handy! 

3. Start your Prep Work.

We love walking through PowerSheets Prep Week as a community, but if you want to get started now, go for it! We recommend taking it slow (just a page or two per day), and focusing on the review pages, like the Cultivated Life Evaluation, the Good Things list, and the Challenges list, first.

4. Gather images for your vision board.

On page 45, you have a space to paste in your vision board for 2023. If you're a visual gal, open up a new Pinterest board and use it to collect images that appeal to you for your year ahead. That way, you'll already have a selection to choose from when it comes time to create your final version! More vision board tips here.

5. Add dates to your calendar.

On a practical note, take a few minutes to get your monthly calendar spreads set up. Pencil in birthdays, school dates, or other major events coming up in 2023 (and add stickers, too!). If you're using 90-Day PowerSheets, now is the perfect time to write in your monthly and weekly dates for the first quarter!

6. Join the private PowerSheets Facebook Group.

You're about to be part of the most wonderful, supportive community. Connect with 19,000+ women who are cultivating what matters just like you. Come say hi and introduce yourself!

7. Make progress on a goal now.

Whether you've been checking goals off left and right or haven't set a single goal this year, you can end this year well having made progress on something that matters to you—and that will give you so much momentum going into 2023! Use the tips in this post to finish November and December strong.

Are you ready? We'd love to hear—leave a comment below and share any 2023 goal ideas that are floating around in your brain already. We can't wait to dig in with you!

While we know many of you already have your PowerSheets in hand, many of you may still be on the fence! We sell out of PowerSheets Goal Planners every year, and we don't want you to miss your chance! Order your 2023 PowerSheets now!

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas has been writing content for Cultivate What Matters for over four years. Her passion is helping women unlock what matters most in their lives and living the lives they’ve always dreamed of. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband, three kids, and Golden Retriever, Dolly.

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