How to Use Your PowerSheets to Grow Your Relationships

How to Use Your PowerSheets to Grow Your Relationships

A common misconception about PowerSheets®: they're only for career gals and hustlers who want to climb the corporate ladder, grow their businesses, or hit their quarterly performance metrics. While we love those types of goals — and your PowerSheets can certainly help you accomplish them! — almost everyone in our community uses their PowerSheets to help grow their relationships, too.

After all, when we ask the question "where do you want to be when you're 80?"— a cornerstone of the PowerSheets process! — 99% of the time the answer comes back to relationships. Deep, loving, trust-filled relationships where we feel seen and known are what we all crave... but sometimes we're just not sure how to get there.

After all, this type of goal can feel fuzzy, can't it? How do I "love someone better"? The good news: it's actually much easier than we make it out to be! Like all goals, the secret is to break down your big-picture goal of loving people well or growing your relationships into simple mini goals and action steps. Little by little, your PowerSheets will help you do this!

Whether you're hoping to nurture your relationship with your significant other, your kiddos, your family, or your friends, follow along this month on Instagram as we share inspired ideas from this community and Team Cultivate. There's sure to be an idea that's perfect for you and your loved ones!

To kick us off, we're sharing a few examples of creative mini goals and monthly goal ideas from the PowerSheets community. For more relationship-focused weekly and daily action step ideas, click here!

One of my big-picture goals for the year is to "be a generous friend." I say I go deep, not wide, with friends, and if that’s true, I want to go all-in on this strategy. To do this, I chose 8 “focal friends” for the year to very intentionally love, delight, and care for. I've brainstormed get-togethers that would be fun and meaningful for each gal, and each month, I'm taking the initiative to schedule two! — Emily, Cultivate's Chief of Staff

I started a lunch group. This has been the best thing I've done for cultivating my friendships with a small group (3-4) of women I admire and wanted to have deep relationships with. We meet at my house every month, eat lunch (everyone brings their own lunches - sometimes it's just leftovers or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Nothing fancy!) and we sit around and talk about our lives, our businesses, our struggles, and our successes for about two hours while our kids eat and then play. I LIVE for these and they make me feel like I finally have the female friendships I've spent my whole adulthood looking for. — Janssen Bradshaw of Everyday Reading

To focus on my relationship with my husband, I'm scheduling a date night every other weekend. I want the dates to be fun and include something we would otherwise not do, so I adopted "ABC dating." The first week, you do a date night that starts with “A” (archery, aquarium, etc.). We are having fun just thinking of ideas and planning!  — Jill

I use the perpetual calendar wildcard sheet to keep track of birthdays of my family and friends. Each month, I send out cards with personalized notes. (I do all the cards at the beginning of the month, and then I write out on my calendar which days to mail cards on, so that I don’t forget!)  I think no matter what your age, everyone loves a handwritten card!  — Elaine

I go on regular dates with my husband and my littles, and in our January dates we set one goal of something we want to learn together this year. My husband and I chose new cooking techniques, and my babies are still little so they are things like telling time on a clock and riding a bike!  — Marissa

Last year, one of my goals was to cultivate my friendships with and without kids. I had a weekly goal to call girlfriends to check-in. After those calls, I would add big events for my friends to my calendar to remember to text or call them those days!  — Lauren

When one of my friendships imploded last year, I finally made space to evaluate this area of my life. I asked and reflected honestly: what kind of friend have I been? What kind of friend do I long for? In this current season of life, what is my capacity for friendship? What can I offer in friendship? What do I need from friendship? I spent time (months, not just 15 minutes) reflecting on who my friends are and how those friendships came to exist. I wrote down in my journal which ones were life-giving, why, and which ones I probably needed to stop investing my time and energy into. Taking this time to process would be a great monthly goal. Manda Carpenter, author of the Space devotional

While on our first-ever vacation without our kiddos, my husband and I asked ourselves all "36 Questions that Lead to Love," made famous in the NY Times. We spaced them out over several days, and it was a perfect through-line for our time together. Even though we'd been together for 13 years at the time, we still learned something new about each other!  — Emily 

We'll be popping up on Instagram with more ideas throughout the month of February, and we can't wait to hear the ways you're growing your relationships with PowerSheets, too! Drop them in the comments here and you just might see yourself featured later this month :)

— If you're digging into a relationship goal, our digital Goal Guides are for you! We have ones focused on parenting, your relationship with your significant other, and friendship. They're the perfect complement to your PowerSheets!

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Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

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