How to Use PowerSheets for Business Goals

How to Use PowerSheets for Business Goals

A hallmark of the PowerSheets® Goal Planner is its flexibility. Whether you're a business owner, a college student, a stay-at-home mama, a corporate gal, or newly retired, you can use it to achieve the goals that matter most to you! Over the next few weeks, we're going to give you a little peek into how PowerSheets can be used for different types of goals. Today, I'm thrilled to share a little bit about how Alli and Manali use PowerSheets for their small business goals! 

The PowerSheets User: Alli Williams of financiALLI focused. Alli has been using PowerSheets for six years. "They've been so helpful for my personal and business goals! This year has been a major breakthrough year with my business, even with COVID, and I know PowerSheets helped with that."
Her business goals for 2020: Consistent $5k cash months; Expand PR and collaborations; Hire a virtual assistant; Complete product/service portfolio; Join coaching program to help serve my clients better
How she has broken down her goals: I've set monthly goals of 1 news segment, launching a new group program, hiring Pinterest help, hiring a graphic designer, hiring a copywriter, developing a referral program, and participating in a mastermind group. Weekly and daily goals have included writing 1 new blog, client calls, reading every night, planning out social media content, and 1 hour of self-care a day.
How have PowerSheets helped you make progress in your business? I do not know how I would have made this much progress in less than a year without PowerSheets. I launched my coaching business last October and within 6 months I had my first $6k cash week and within 10 months I had my first $18k cash month. I have also helped dozens of people ditch financial stress and feel confident with their financial future, which is the biggest win of them all. I am a more confident business owner and I feel more aligned because of my PowerSheets. Life has been so hectic and my PowerSheets help me stay on track and focus on what really matters!
What goals have you achieved in your business with the help of PowerSheets? I was able to hit my highest cash month for my business ($18k) while working full-time and managing a lot of personal changes. I was also featured on our local news for multiple weekly segments. I have been able to outsource business tasks like Pinterest, graphic design, and copywriting. I am quickly scaling my business which only started officially last October and I know I wouldn't be where I am today with my business without PowerSheets. 
What tips or hacks can you share about using PowerSheets specifically for business goals? Be specific with your goals. Don't just write "I want to grow my business," but define specifically what you want to make happen. Make sure your PowerSheets are on your desk or somewhere you can view them every single day. Going back to review my goals, especially the Tending Lists, has been so helpful. Business and personal goals are linked, so using my same set of PowerSheets for both has been so helpful for me to prioritize each week. Some weeks are very business focused, but I always want to remember my personal goals, and PowerSheets have helped me do that (especially the Prep Work!).

The PowerSheets User: Manali Sontakke of Manali Photography. "I have absolutely LOVED using my PowerSheets to break down really big dreamy business goals! I use them for both business and life but love that I can see how both of them play out together and can use that to balance what my overall schedule and tasks look like for any given month!"
Her business goals for 2020 and how she's broken them down: I always set yearly revenue goals and break them down on a quarterly basis. I map out exactly how many inquiries I need based on my booking rate and what steps I'll take to hit those numbers (blogging on a weekly basis, showing up daily on Instagram and overcoming my fear of putting my face out there, checking in with past clients on a quarterly basis to keep that relationship going, etc.)

I recently created a digital product called the Resources Vault to sell to photographers which has EVERY resource and workflow I've used to build a successful and profitable photography business. This was a MASSIVE project to take on! I had to build new website pages, figure out new technology on the backend, start putting the word out on social media (Instagram and Pinterest) and started building up my email list! This was a HUGE project that felt really overwhelming until I started to break it down in my PowerSheets! I gave myself 1-3 big parts of the project to focus on each month which really helped me avoid being overwhelmed by the project and instead take consistent and steady progress towards making it come to life.

In March I put together the new website pages, started up an email list, and put together my product. In April I got email sequences in place and created my sales page. In May I started posting about the new offer on social media and I had beta-testers go through the digital product for feedback and testimonials. In June I tweaked the product based on the feedback from my beta-testers and added in some new things to the product. In July I focused on making blog posts that educated on the topic and pointed back to the new digital product. 

How have PowerSheets helped you make progress in your business? My PowerSheets helped me take ALL the ideas that I had in my head and put them down on paper and organize them in a way where I wasn't biting too much off at one time, which is my natural tendency! I also owe going full-time in my business in part to my PowerSheets. They helped me grow my business WITHOUT falling into the hustle mindset by helping me visually balance business and personal tasks and projects each month!

What tips or hacks can you share about using PowerSheets specifically for business goals? I personally LOVE putting my business tasks from top-down and personal ones from the bottom up on my monthly/weekly/daily Tending List slots so I can make sure my business tasks aren't taking over my life and I remember to have just as many personal or self-care tasks.

I like that my PowerSheets give me a place to put down tasks or projects that have to happen at some point of the month and don't have a strict date to them. They also help give each week a direction - I always pick 2-3 to-do's that will move me towards my monthly goals and my PowerSheets are the first thing I refer to while creating my weekly schedule.

This year, the Yearly Overview pages have been huge to break down MASSIVE goals that seemed too big into attainable quarterly and monthly chunks. Even with COVID, I was able to reference my yearly breakdown and see how I could readjust my goals easily! I also really love using my PowerSheets to keep track of how I'm progressing towards my revenue and client slot goals on a monthly and quarterly basis.

And lastly, I use one of the blank pages to write down small and great moments from each month - both little business and personal wins! If I ever feel stuck in a rut I just flip back to an old month and remember all the little wins! Writing them down gives me a second to celebrate them no matter how big or small they were and reminds me to focus on progress over perfection.

Thank you SO much for sharing, ladies! We're honored to be a part of your business journey! :) For more on using PowerSheets for business, take a peek at these monthly, weekly, and daily action ideas for your Tending List.

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