How to Set Mid-Year Goals

How to Set Mid-Year Goals

Welcome to Mid-Year Goals Prep Week, friends!! The week where we pause the hustle, the go-go-go, and take just a minute to look back and look forward. This week, we'll appreciate how far we've come since the beginning of the year, and we'll take simple steps to set ourselves up for success for the rest of the year —no matter how it started.

Whether you’re a brand new PowerSheets® user or want some extra encouragement to keep tending to those goals, there’s something this week for you.

The most important thing this week?

Take one step forward. Just one!

We believe there’s power in each and every intentional step you take. If you take more than one step forward, that’s great, too!

Others might believe in quick fixes, but around here, we cultivators embrace little by little progress. And that’s what this week is all about. By spending time working on our PowerSheets together, we’re going to plant the seeds now for the good things we want to grow in the second half of the year!

Brand new to PowerSheets? How exciting! Get your intentional goal planner here at a way discounted rate ($29!!)—they won't last long! If you've ever been curious about giving PowerSheets a try, this is your chance.

Then, sign up here for six days of emails from Team Cultivate—the best kickstart for setting your goals and getting on your way! We'll walk you through your workbook day-by-day and page-by-page. The PowerSheets Prep Work has instructions on each worksheet for you to get started (it’s like having a coach in your back pocket!), but the Cultivate team wants to take it one step further and cheer you on.

Have goals you want to make progress on? Consider us your biggest cheerleaders! We’ve created a Cultivate Goal-Getter’s Board in the office to celebrate YOU! When you take just ONE step on any of your goals this week, tell us! Leave a comment on Instagram, tell us in today's live class (1pm EST!), or leave a comment on Friday's Facebook Live, and we’ll add your name to our board. Just like the progress bars on your Tending List, there’s something exciting about seeing visual proof of progress!
Tending List photo by CWM community member Mackenzie

As we start this week together, here are four simple ways to refresh your goals for our current PowerSheets users!

1. Flip back to pages 44-63 (your goal action plans) and re-familiarize yourself with your 2019 goals and (most crucially!) the reasons you chose for setting each one—your WHY. Can you check off any of your goals because you've completed them? (Hooray!) Do any of your goals no longer make sense for your current season? (Cross them off!)

2. Read through your prep work (pages 7-33). Cross out things you wrote that no longer resonate. Circle or sticker things that still do. Jot down ideas for any new goals that come to mind as you read.

3. Use pages 126-127 (your summer quarterly refresh) to write out your goals for the season ahead—rewrite any original goals you're still working on from pages 64-65, and add in any new goals you've decided to add for the next six months.

4. Fill out your June Tending List and plan to take one step forward on each of your 2019 goals THIS MONTH! The steps can and should be small. If you need help, remember to break it down!

And then... take one of those small steps this week! We can't wait to see your name on our Goal-Getters Board :)

This is the only life you’ve gotlet’s finish this year well no matter how it started! 

P.S. Join us on Instagram! All this week we'll be troubleshooting the things you've told us are holding you back from achieving your goals. It's going to be fun!!

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Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

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