How to Drink More Water

How to Drink More Water

Drink more watera classic habit goal if we've ever seen one! It's shown up on countless PowerSheets® Tending Lists over the years and will surely show up on countless more in the future. 

While we know drinking water is good for usa well-hydrated body helps us show up for the people and things that matter mostit can be surprisingly challenging to make sure we're drinking enough each day. If you've ever found yourself Googling "how to drink more water," today's post is here to help!

Why drink more water?

When we set out to accomplish a goal or establish a new habit, naming a strong "why" is a key first step. So, here at the start, remind yourself how drinking more water will make your life better or allow you to do the things you want to do. With a strong why, even if you skip a day or fail more times than you like, you'll keep getting back upbecause this matters to you!

Here's a little refresher on the benefits of drinking water:

  • Drinking water helps replenish the fluids naturally lost each day. Water is essential to our bodies' proper functioning, so drinking water helps ensure we make up for what we've lost through breathing, sweating, and, you know, peeing :)
  • Drinking water helps energize muscles. Thirsty muscles won't perform as well while exercising or simply going about daily routines, which can lead to fatigue or lethargy.
  • Drinking water keeps skin looking good. While drinking water can't erase wrinkles, it does keep the skin a protective barrier in tip-top shape. And without enough water, skin might look dry.
  • Drinking water helps many bodily functions work smoothly, like regulating body temperature, carrying nutrients to cells, flushing out waste, and so much more.

How to drink more water:

Now you're refreshed on whylet's tackle the how! By putting some genius habit hacks to work and polling the creative Cultivate community, we've gathered many ways to drink more water. No matter your season or unique situation, we think you'll find a strategy that works for you!

  • Make it fun. Buy an insulated water bottle in a fun color (Owala puts together great combinations!) or cover it in stickers that make you smile.
  • Make it a game. Choose cues (phrases your family says regularly, transitions at work, picking up your phone) and take a sip every time one comes up.
  • Make it a competition. Text a friend each time you finish a bottle and cheer each other on to hit your goal for the day.
  • "I drink a glass of water before every meal. I also drink with meals and snacks, but this little personal rule helps up my intake." Sara
  • Find a water bottle you love (many Cultivators recommend one with a built in straw. We're partial to ours!).
  • "A few years ago I bought a giant water bottle with the hours marked on it. Just keeping up with the hours (and not having to refill multiple times a day) makes drinking more water easier." Kelly
  • "I only drink water. Except for rare occasions (a cocktail or soda once a month or so), I just drink water day in and day out. That means I don't have to think about it and I don't have to balance my sugar intake with my desire to drink more." Kaitlyn
  • "Experiment with the temperature of your water. I prefer water with ice, but my friend drinks way more water when it's room temperature." Hailey
  • "I kind of hate to say it but Liquid IV has made drinking water so much more of a joy for me. I don't like the taste of plain water but adding electrolytes has really helped me drink more." Lucy
  • "PlantNanny! It's an app that reminds you to drink water and if you don't, your plant will shrivel and die - yikes! It's silly but I drink more on days I use it." Amy
  • "This sounds funny but whenever I move the water bottle to my mouth to take one sip of water during the day, I make sure to take five sips. This has made a HUGE difference for me!" Emily
  • Keep water with you at all times. Bring it with you while running errands, while watching a show in the evening, while cooking dinner in the kitchen.
  • "I have a meeting at least once a day at work, and I drink so much more while watching slides or listening to others talk than I do tapping at my computer! I always make sure my giant water bottle is full before I head into a meeting." —Tenille
  • "My Dad did this growing up and I've adopted it: I put six rubber bands around a glass in the morning. Every time I finish a glass I remove a rubber band. The goal is to have them all gone by the time I go to bed!" Molly
  • Consider other sources of water: herbal tea, sparkling water, and water-rich foods like soup, fruits, and vegetables can all add up.

What would you add, friends? Drop a note in the comments with water-drinking strategies that have worked for you!  

P.S. On the hunt for a water bottle that makes drinking water fun? We've got you

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