Part Two: Making PowerSheets Work for You: 12 of our Favorite PowerSheets Hacks

Part Two: Making PowerSheets Work for You: 12 of our Favorite PowerSheets Hacks

Welcome back to Day Two of PowerSheets Prep Week! Wasn't yesterday fun?

Just joining us? We are so glad you are here! We started our 2019 PowerSheets Prep Work with plenty of time before the new year so you'll have everything you need whenever you dig in!

Watch all the videos in the series here: part onepart three, part four, and part five.

Today we’re focusing on pages 12-17 of the Prep Work. Grab your PowerSheets, your favorite pen, and stickers (stickers make everything more fun!), and get ready for a pep talk from the goal coach in your pocket (that's us!). It's worth stepping into the fear and digging in today. We can't wait to see what you uncover!

How to Set Goals with Your 2019 PowerSheets—Part Two from Lara Casey on Vimeo.

While middle school is rarely remembered fondly, one thing I loved about the first day of seventh grade was getting a brand new daily planner. Our school system gave each student a planner to help them stay organized, but what I loved most wasn’t the planning. (Don’t worry; I’ve since come around ;)) Instead, I loved making my planner my own with photos, stickers, and doodles.

In the spirit of reliving middle school planner decorating days, we’re sharing some of the very best PowerSheets “hacks” we’ve seen on Instagram, in the PowerSheets Facebook Group, and in our inboxes. PowerSheets are for any woman, in any season of life, and we love seeing you use our proven process in the way that works best for you.

  • Have weekly goals that need to happen multiple times a week? Divide the box into two small triangles, and color in each triangle once it’s completed.
  • While the PowerSheets cover is kid-tested and wipeable, a little extra protection never hurts. PowerSheets fit perfectly inside the Happy Planner covers!
  • When a monthly goal has multiple parts, break it down into smaller steps on a sticky note and keep it on your Tending List. As you mark those small goals off, you can fill in your progress bar!
  • Need a bookmark to easily find your Tending List? Use two of the color coding flags from the Goal Setting Sticker Book to mark your Tending List. At the end of the month, use scissors to snip the top off! The inkWELL Press Gold Ruler also snaps perfectly into the PowerSheets coil.

  • Hang your monthly Tending List on your refrigerator (or someone you’ll see it every day!). You can use Tending Tape or hang a clipboard on a nail by your desk. If you’re on the go often, take a picture of your Tending List for easy reference!
  • We saw this hack so often that we added the color-coding system to the Goal Setting Sticker Book: Use the colored dots to color code your monthly, weekly, and daily goals based on your yearly goals. The color is a great visual reminder of where you are spending your time!
  • Use Tending Tape and the cardboard insert in your PowerSheets (added for protection during shipping) to make a pocket on the inside cover! It’s the perfect place to tuck in your extra Wildcard Pages.

Photo by Leah S.

  • Want to rearrange your seasonal worksheets or Goal Refresh sections? We've had many friends carefully uncoil their PowerSheets and rearrange! Our Southern Hemisphere friends, in particular, enjoy doing this! 
  • What we love about hacks is how they make things easier for you, and we wanted an easy way to keep your PowerSheets accessories in one spot. Enter the Make It Happen zipper pouch! The bright pink elastic band was designed to fit perfectly around your PowerSheets.
  • Have a Weekly goal that needs to happen on a certain day of the week? Use a pencil to write in the date it needs to happen to make sure you cross it off on the correct day! For example, if you meal prep each Sunday, write in the month’s dates in those boxes.
  • Set a recurring time on your calendar each week to check off progress on your Tending List so you don’t lose sight of your goals. Our suggestion? Tending List Tuesday, of course!
  • Set one goal that you know you can accomplish from start to finish! This is a great way to use momentum for good, just like Dave Ramsey suggests in his debt repayment Snowball Method. A small win early on will keep you working hard all month long!

Want to walk through your 2019 PowerSheets alongside Lara? You’re in luck! We’re hosting a free LIVE class on Thursday, December 6th at 3 pm ET on how to set up your 2019 PowerSheets. Part practical advice and part PowerSheets pep rally, this is the best motivational hour for digging into your goals out there. Can’t join live? A replay will be available!

We’d love to hear from you! What did you learn from today’s Prep Work? Which area in your Cultivated Life Evaluation are you most excited about cultivating in 2019? We’ll choose one lucky commenter to win a $25 gift card to the Cultivate Shop tomorrow.

Don’t have your 2019 PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner yet? Now is the perfect time to dig in! Order yours today, and we’ll get it in your hands in a jiffy. While you wait for your order to arrive, you can follow along with a notebook, or you can come back to the Cultivate blog (where everything will live) and get started when you have PowerSheets in hand! Not sure if PowerSheets are right for you? Send us a note, and we'll be happy to help!

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