A Growth-Mindset Activity Book for Your Favorite Pre-Teen Girl: The Girls Goal Planner!

A Growth-Mindset Activity Book for Your Favorite Pre-Teen Girl: The Girls Goal Planner!

It's been a little over a year since we launched the Girls Goal Planner into the world, and what a year it's been! As we mentioned last spring, the interesting thing about launching a new product is that you have no way of knowing what the world will look like when you deliver it into the hands of your customers—and we certainly couldn't have predicted we'd be in the thick of a global pandemic with this one!

So yes, we giggled a bit (or groaned—depending on the day) every time we looked at the first cover (which excitedly exclaimed BEST YEAR EVER!). 2020 may not have been the best year ever for most of us, but there was something really beautiful about this particular product launching in the middle of such a complicated, uncertain time. 

From you, we heard that the Girls Goal Planner helped show your girl her best years are not the perfect ones, but the ones built on character. The ones marked by resilience. The ones filled with gratitude and grace. A few other thoughts you've shared with us:

"My daughter loves the planner and has declared it is perfect, exactly everything she was looking for!" — Stephanie

"This was the best gift I could have bought my daughter to help her organize, plan, write down, and reach her personal goals! It is colorful, has great activities and reflections, and is well-designed and durable." — Janell

"My granddaughters, 11 and 13, and their friends, 9 and 13, absolutely love the Girls Goal Bundle!! We spent a few hours getting them started, and since then they have been in their books by themselves. What a great habit to set at such a young age!" — Miriam

"The Girls Goal Planner is page after page of fun-filled activities and proven methods that teach self reflection, organizational skills, and goal setting. This meaningful gift will encourage her individuality, honor her dreams, and most importantly, teach lifelong strategies to achieve all that she desires!" — Alison

"As a mom, I say, 'Thank you, CWM, for creating a such a thoughtful and practical tool to help our girls to identify what matters most to them. There are questions in the GGP that prompt thought and imagination which naturally leads into great conversations and a glimpse into our girl’s hearts and minds. I look forward to sitting together with my girls each day as I write in my PowerSheets and they work through their GGP. The time we spend sharing what we are planning and dreaming about is precious." — Jill

"The Girls Goal Planner is a fantastic tool for my daughter, one I wish I had when I was her age! As a mom, it’s also a wonderful keepsake—s snapshot of what she was interested in at this age." — Katie

We're thrilled to say that the Girls Goal Planner is back in the shop and better than ever, complete with a brand-new (beautiful!) cover! The interior you love remains the same, complete with weekly planner pages, fun activities, and places to journal and reflect. If your girl used a Girls Goal Planner last year, we think she'll love filling it out again—girls change so much at this stage, and her answers might be totally different than they were last year! As we know from PowerSheets®, there's always something new to learn from an impactful process.

New to the Girls Goal Planner? Check out this post for answers to your FAQs and everything you might want to know about the GGP! 

The Girls Goal Planner makes the perfect sidekick for your girl's new school year! She'll be so happy you put it in her hands.

P.S. Take a peek inside the Girls Goal Planner and how to cultivate what matters with your pre-teens and teens

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Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

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