46 (More!) Things to Do Instead of Scrolling on Social Media

46 (More!) Things to Do Instead of Scrolling on Social Media

We've all been there—finding ourselves stuck in the deep, dark hole of scrolling. A few minutes can turn into an hour of scrolling without even realizing it. While this can feel like a hard habit to break, it's not impossible!

Many of us came into the new year with a goal of spending less time on our phones and more time living out what matters most. We want to fill our lives with intention, and say no to distraction.

So, how do we do it? How do we break the habit of mindless scrolling? One way is to build a better habit that can take its place. And when building new habits, as James Clear notes in his book Atomic Habits, we make them obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying. If you'd like to fill your time with things besides reaching for your phone, it's best to make those things readily available, things that you look forward to, and things that bring you satisfaction to complete. We've rounded up a whole list of activities that fit the bill!

So, if you're looking to spend less time on your phone this year and break the habit of mindless scrolling, here are 46 (more!) things to do instead of scrolling:

  1. Flip through some conversation cards with a friend or loved one
  2. Make a meal plan for the week ahead 
  3. Batch write birthday or holiday cards for friends and family
  4. Review your PowerSheets Yes/No list

  5. Set a timer and work on one of your goals for 15 minutes

  6. Grab a rag and wipe down the surfaces in your home

  7. Pick weeds or clean up your lawn/patio

  8. Review your schedule, appointments, and to do's for the week ahead

  9. Look ahead to the next holiday. Get the ball rolling on fun plans, food, or decor.

  10. Use a Magic Eraser to clean something (it's so satisfying!)

  11. Pick up a crossword or Sudoku
  12. Schedule an appointment

  13. Plan a date night or friends night out

  14. Pray through the alphabet (naming a friend or circumstance for every letter)

  15. Move your body in your favorite form of movement (lots of gals in the Cultivate community love Yoga with Adriene's free classes)

  16. Check expiration dates in your fridge and toss what's no longer good

  17. Piece together a vision board

  18. Make progress on an embroidery project (Team Cultivate loves the kits from Purl Soho!)
  19. Rearrange a room or space

  20. Make a Fun List of activities to do this month

  21. Clean out old text messages and voicemails

  22. Try your hand at the Wordle of the day
  23. Review your monthly or annual budget

  24. Call a friend or family member you haven't spoken to in a while

  25. Create ready-to-go bags for the less fortunate in your area

  26. Bake a sweet treat for a friend or neighbor

  27. Brain dump all of your thoughts or to-do's

  28. Clean out your purse or bag

  29. Switch out the photos in the frames around your home
  30. Play a game of Solitaire
  31. Cut up fruits and veggies so they're easy to grab in your fridge
  32. Write out a morning and evening routine to follow

  33. Drink a large glass of water

  34. Draft a time block schedule for your work day or family activities

  35. Meditate or breathe deeply for 5 minutes

  36. Clear out your email inbox
  37. Log expenses in your budget
  38. Listen to a podcast

  39. Paint your nails or toe nails

  40. Play with your pet 

  41. Text a friend and offer to babysit her kiddos for an upcoming date 

  42. Browse a cookbook you haven't flipped through in a while
  43. Spend some time planning your next trip, vacation, or adventure (big or small!)
  44. Put a book in the car to read during carline or appointments

  45. Make a friends/family list that includes birthdays, favorite snacks, personality types, and love languages for future gifts

  46. Update a baby book

As you work to say yes to what matters and no to distractions, add one or two of these ideas to your Tending List this month. And enjoy the present moment!

What do you like to do instead of scrolling? Tell us in the comments below!

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