40 Lifechanging Years: Happy Birthday, Lara!

40 Lifechanging Years: Happy Birthday, Lara!

Friends, today is Lara's birthday! Our leader and friend is celebrating 40 years today, and we're celebrating right alongside her. Though she is quick to deflect praise, it's undeniable that her life and life's work has changed the lives of many, and that is worth stopping to appreciate. Like we say, we have to stop and notice the things we want to see more of, yes? :) 

We asked in the PowerSheets Facebook group recently if anyone wanted to share how Lara has changed their life (in a big or a small way!) in honor of her birthday, and these were just a few of the responses. We would love for you to add your own story or birthday wish in the comments here!

Lara, I am grateful you were born. God has used your life and what God teaches you to grow me and help me be a better wife, mom, and woman. God always seems to speak through you at the exact time I need it. This world has been changed for the better through your faithfulness. - April

Lara, for years I have said, “I don’t want to be 80 years old, on my front porch, saying I wish I would have...” I was listening to your podcast and when I heard you ask, “where do you want to be when you’re 80?” I knew I had found my people. - Leslie

Thank you, Lara, for helping me sort through my feelings of fear. With your help, I have found not only “planner peace” but inner peace. - Faby

Lara, thank you for your bravery and calling to write and share Powersheets! I’m 54 years young with a heart for Jesus and a love to plan, and thankful for your fresh perspective! - Janet

Thank you, Lara for standing in your light! Your work is helping me learn to stand in mine. - Michelle

Thank you, Lara, for helping me to uncover what really matters most, and not just making another to do list. - Latricia

Lara, you have inspired me to explore my faith in a deeper way through your podcast this year. I have purchased a new bible, a new notebook, and have signed up for the Fresh Faith Challenge. I will be writing the word with my daughter beside me, and together we will be learning about God, because of your encouragement and example! - Krys

This has been such an incredibly difficult year for me, but between my PowerSheets and getting counseling for the first time, I have immense hope - hope that I’ll look back on this year and know that it was the beginning of something great. Lara, you inspire me, and you are so valued! - Ellie

Lara, because of you and your work, not only do I approach life differently, I experience life differently. I have a whole new set of dreams that I never would have believed were possible 3 years ago. Thank you for helping me discover my passion and who I am. - Cassie

Lara, thank you so much for developing such a useful system! It really has been the cheerleader I needed each month to keep me moving forward toward my goals even in months that didn't go as planned. I don't think I've ever been able to focus on so many areas at once prior to PowerSheets. - Tara

Thank you for encouraging me to see color in a different way. No matter how hard my day is, as soon as I hold the PowerSheets, their color brings a smile to my face that I feel joy, hope, love, and peace. I’m so happy God created you the way He did, and today I’m celebrating one of His masterpieces. - Bluett

Thank you for teaching us all to stand strong in the face of all and for showing us the TRUTH through the transparency of your heart and your story. Your faith, your honesty, your hard work, and your love for Jesus shines through you and that is what I am thankful for. - Laura

Lara, even though we don’t know each other face to face, I still feel like you are a girlfriend to me! I started PowerSheets last year and never thought that I would do some of the things that I set out as goals for the year. I read 40 books, journaled each morning, and joined a new church that I absolutely love. You are such a bright light to so many people around the world with your upbeat attitude and laughter. - Karen

Thanks, Lara, for your inspiration and for sharing your strength with all of us!! - Berta

This heart of mine has a lot of hopes and dreams and fears and goals that I never would have uncovered or acknowledged without your writing. I left a job that wasn’t treating me right or paying me fairly after reading Make It Happen and now work in a specialty that I love and have free time to pursue what sets my soul on fire. - Erin

I found you in a very dark place in my life, and you helped dig me out. I’m so grateful for what I’ve learned from you: seeing the big picture, focusing on what really matters, loving well, cultivating what I want to flourish in the years to come, and so much more. - Crystal

Lara, less than a year ago, I sat in an unfamiliar hotel conference room (fighting a bout with bronchitis) in Chapel Hill writing a note to myself that I didn’t know would change my life. You prompted that. You also prompted me to ask myself questions I’d never considered, questions that changed my life trajectory. This past year has honestly been one of the best of my life, and I owe much of it to your sacrifice and surrender... to your commitment to pursuing purpose and cultivating what matters at all costs. Thank you for embracing you, as it has in turn, helped me embrace ME! - Andraéa

Thanks to you, Lara, I’m learning to cultivate my life and setting new goals for next year! Listening to your podcast has been eye opening and I LOVE what you’ve done for my life! As a woman with ADD, it’s all been a blessing to me. - Jen

Lara, I've never set goals before in my life. My life has done a 180 as your work and team and products have given me the motivation and clarity that I needed to put my IQ and God-given talents to work. Thank you for your faithfulness to equip the saints for good works! - Casey

Lara, you simply radiate positivity, which shines through all of the work you do. Thank you for bringing PowerSheets into the world—they’ve given me hope that I can accomplish what matters the most, but even more importantly, they’ve helped me to figure out what matters the most. Thank you for showing me that it’s okay to say “no” in order to make room for what matters. - Nicole

Lara, your joy has changed me — it’s contagious! I’m so grateful for how you teach women to have joy in all circumstances. - Ashlee

You are one of the most generous people I know, Lara. From our very first interaction until now, I have loved watching your generosity change people, including me. You don’t have to look very far to see how far your impact has gone! - Val

Lara, the tools that you have created have changed the course of my life more than once. My life was literally saved from myself and the abuse of alcohol in 2016. My faith journey has grown in leaps and bounds with your story, your guidance, and the WTW journals. Your voice is helping thousands of people around the world to know God a little deeper, to create lives we are proud of, and to really live out the rest of our days being the best version of ourselves. I can't wait to see what the Lord does in 2020 for you and your family. I just know it is going to be delightful. - Krystal

From your team and the entire Cultivate community, we love you, Lara!! Wishing you 40+ more years of love and joy!

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Emily Thomas

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