20 Date Night Ideas for Your Relationship Goals

20 Date Night Ideas for Your Relationship Goals

Relationships are one of the most-discussed goal topics in the Cultivate community. Cultivators use their PowerSheets® to work on their family, romantic, and friend goals, and we love giving you resources to love your people well, grow strong bonds, and have FUN with the ones you love!

Tending to our closest relationships little by little is one of the best ways to see big, lasting change. That's why we created our brand new Couples Conversation Cards! If you have a relationship goal, they're a perfect companion to the Couples Goal Guide and your PowerSheets.

For couples, date nights are a great way to make progress on a relationship goal. In this pandemic season, many have shifted to at-home date nights, while others have come up with creative ways to get outside the house for quality time (we support a mix of both!). If you're looking for some fun date night ideas, you're in the right place. Here are a few fun ideas to try with your favorite person!

At-Home Date Night Ideas:

  1. Flip through conversation cardsWe're biased, but we think this makes for such a fun evening! Keep it simple by ordering your favorite takeout to accompany the conversation.
  2. Arrange a picnic dinner in the living room. Spread out your picnic blanket, order pizza (or lay out a charcuterie board of all your favorites), and enjoy the pleasure of being together. 
  3. Cook a fancy dinner at home. Plan a meal you both have always wanted to try, cook together, and dress to the nines for a fancy dinner at home. (Light a few candles and set the table to add to the ambiance!) If you're cooking newbies, consider ordering a meal delivery kit from a service like Hello Fresh or picking one up from a grocery store like Publix.
  4. Eat dinner al fresco. Whether in your backyard, on your patio or balcony, or even on the sidewalk or stoop, take dinner outside. A change of scenery makes everything feel fresh!
  5. Have breakfast for dinner. Put your PJ's on early and serve breakfast favorites at the opposite end of the day. 
  6. Have a movie marathon with sweets and snacks. Head to the store to grab your movie-theater favorites then cuddle up for a movie marathon.
  7. Challenge each other to a foodie competition. Choose an ingredient and let it inspire different parts of the meal (one of you makes the main and a special drink, the other makes the side and dessert!). Friendly ribbing encouraged.
  8. Play games. Challenge each other to your favorite two-player games or try a new one. Our team likes Yahtzee, Blokus, Scrabble, Boggle, and Sagrada!

Out-and-About Date Night Ideas:

  1. Wander a museum or local art gallery. Take an evening or a day to explore your local art galleries or a museum. Many museums have free admission!
  2. Picnic at a local park. Pack your favorite sandwiches or pick up takeout to go. Bring a football to toss or a kite to fly, too. (And your conversation cards!)
  3. Take a hike. It's simple, but a walk in the woods can be the best time for conversation, and there's something beautiful to see in every season no matter where you live. 
  4. Walk a historic neighborhood. Grab coffee or your favorite drink to go and stroll through the loveliest neighborhood near you. 
  5. Get active. Rent or borrow kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, or paddle boats and get out on a body of water! You'll either get a workout or work out your abs from laughing at the chaos that might ensue :) 
  6. Make a day of it. Even if you're going just half an hour away, spend the day exploring a nearby town or city like a tourist would. 
  7. Plan a morning date at a local coffee shop. Some of my favorite dates are the ones where we get up early, head to our local coffee shop and spend time talking over coffee and a scone. 
  8. Try a progressive dinner. Instead of staying in one place for your meal, head to three different spots: one for appetizers or a drink, one for dinner, and a final one for dessert! 
  9. Visit the farmer's market. Browse the aisles then use what you find to make dinner or lunch together.
  10. Take an exercise class together. Start your Saturday by trying a new exercise or exercise class - you can alternate registering for each other's favorites! Grab smoothies or coffee after as a reward.
  11. Volunteer together at a local charity. Serving together can be a sweet way to grow closer. Find a local charity or serve at your local church.
  12. Do something retro. Everything's fun when you're with your favorite person! Go bowling, wobble on rollerblades, head to an arcade, or try your luck at mini golf.

Whether you're trying something new or just heading out for a walk, making time to be together builds a solid connection that flows into other areas of your life. Here's to cultivating a meaningful relationship!

Friends, we'd love to hear: what's your favorite date night? Tell us below!

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