16 Ways to Make Goal Setting Fun!

16 Ways to Make Goal Setting Fun!

Want to hear something that might surprise you? We don't love goal setting! At least, the way it's traditionally done! When goal setting is focused on getting to the finish line at an unattainable pace, it won't stick for long. (i.e. not fun!)

We do things differently around here. We know the truth about how goals really get accomplished—and how to finally follow through. The PowerSheets proven process works because it includes celebrating the small wins, focusing on what matters most, and lots of fresh starts along the way! 

As you can see below, so much fun can be sparked in just a few minutes. We even included some Cultivator comments in the list below (y'all love to bring the party)! If you've ever wondered what it looks like to have fun while you're setting goals, here you go!

16 Top Ways to Make Goal Setting Fun: 

1) Do it with friends! Did you know we have a free PowerSheets Groups Guide (and also one for teams!)? There are groups that meet all over the world each month. Ready to start your own? Find your people, and be the invitation. Goal setting is a lot more fun with friends! Use social media to your advantage—join the PowerSheets Facebook Group to see if there are PowerSheets users nearby. You never know what life-long friends you will make! 
2) Use your stickers! Every set of PowerSheets comes with a page of stickers in the beginning! Don't save them for a rainy day—use them now! There are oodles of stickers to use, but if you want more, grab our Goal Setting Sticker Book plus our color-coding system. 
3) Celebrate your little wins! Even if you make progress on a goal two times in a month, count that as a win and do something to celebrate. The harder we are on ourselves, the less likely we are to be consistent. Our favorite ways to celebrate? Plan a break to walk around your neighborhood with your favorite podcast, visit the library and grab that book just for fun, or grab your favorite drink at the coffee house before you head to work!
4) "I light the same candle every time I do my PowerSheets Prep work. It's calming and always puts me in the right perspective!" - @annaclairehelene
5) Use sticky notes with your PowerSheets! Remind yourself of the words that really encourage you—consistency is key with learning new habits! Write quotes or verses on them and move them month to month to keep your focus fresh! 
6) "I take my PowerSheets outside on my patio! The fresh air and change of scenery invigorate me." - @hmboettcher
7) Use the power of completion bias! Our brain is literally wired to seek completion and check off those Tending List boxes. Doesn't it just feel great to check them off?! Feel that thrill of achievement regularly and know that your hard work is paying off—little by little! Research shows your brain releases dopamine when you achieve goals, and dopamine is part of the chemical cocktail that makes you feel happy!
8) "I love all the continual support and content from the Cultivate team! The Cultivate blog is full of inspiration and scrolling the Instagram page always gives me PowerSheet ideas!" - @monicapeeper
9) "Get after grateful" - Rachael Kincaid. When you're grateful, you're more motivated to make progress on goals that matter to you! Open your PowerSheets to page 18, and add to your list of Good Things from the past year. Fight comparison by nurturing thankfulness and reflecting on the good things that happened from month to month. 
10) "I share my Tending List with a dear friend. The conversation and accountability that follows help both of us!" - @texasgardenia14
11) Keep it all together! Be ready for goal setting fun by filling your Make it Happen Zipper pouch with everything you need: stickers, pens, chapstick, postcards, snacks... you name it!
12) Choose a fresh start—every month, every week, every day is an opportunity! Now, that's fun! 
13) "I set a defined day to celebrate and plan for the month ahead. I look forward to it every month!" - @lindsayngordon 
14) Remember what fires you up! There's a whole page in #PowerSheets devoted to FUN - page 25! (Bookmark it, stat!) It's your What Fires Me Up list, of course! You'll want to return to this page again and again. We believe goal setting is doing more of what brings you joy, both the immediate and long-term kind. It's important to sprinkle in the little things that keep you going along the way!
15) "Upbeat music with the windows open! I also love to add a lot of color to my PowerSheet pages." - @melliarahna
16) Goals that point you in the direction of where you want to be when you're 80? Goals that really matter to you and change the lives of those around you? There's literally nothing more fun than that!

What you're doing with your #PowerSheets each month matters! We're so glad you're part of the Cultivate community. Cheering you on as you continue to make it fun!

P.S. Looking for more ways to make Goal Setting fun? You might enjoy reading this post!

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Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

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