Girls Goal Planner

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Grow kindness. Grow confidence. Grow what matters.

Your favorite girl is growing up. She's curious, kind, smart, and confident, but you know the teen years are filled with messages that will try to tear her down - with voices saying she has to do it all, be it all, and have it all together (and look a certain way, to boot!).

You want something better for her. As she begins to rely more heavily on her peers, you want to give her the best chance to keep growing the things that really matter: kindness, resilience, confidence in her unique abilities, gratitude, grit, and a growth mindset.

We want that, too!

Meet: The Girls Goal Planner! Through engaging activities, guided prompts, and research-backed teaching, your girl (age 8-13) will have fun as she uses her weekly planner to:

1. Set good goals
2. Grow in character
3. Cultivate what matters in her own unique way

A practical guide to help the girls in your life focus on what matters—doesn't that sound good? You can leave it to the world to direct her focus, attention, heart, and growth—or you can equip her with great resources along the way to a healthy, fulfilling life.

Here's to the next generation of amazing women! The Girls Goal Planner is coming in May 2020!