What's New in 2021 PowerSheets?

What's New in 2021 PowerSheets?

by: Emily Thomas

We're less than away a month away from launch, friends!! We kicked off the countdown to 2021 PowerSheets® by showing you the four BRAND NEW covers last week (YAY!), and today, we're diving into the magic on the inside! These are the best goal planners we've ever created, and we can't wait for you to use them yourselves.

If you've ever considered PowerSheets before, this is your year to get them. For good reasons, too many of us were on auto pilot the last few months. 2021 is our year to cultivate what matters!

Okay, let's chat about those covers for juuuust a minute :) Are they not the most beautiful?! Choose from one pattern (the gorgeous Citrus Garden) and three solid linens (Pink Sunrise, Clear Skies, and Sea Glass) - for your One-Year PowerSheets. (All the content on the inside, of course, is the same!) We know many of you have already chosen a planner for this year, and so we wanted to give you plenty of refreshing, simple options to mix and match with this year's covers. You truly can't go wrong no matter which you choose!

UPGRADED COVERS: We brought back the popular hard covers we debuted last year and updated them with rounded gold corner protectors (no more accidental pokes!) and slightly smaller gold coils for ease of page turning. We're also using a slightly different linen for the solid covers that's even more resilient. As always, your goals will be coffee, travel, and purse-proof!

INSPIRING DESIGN: Impactful design has always been a hallmark of the PowerSheets and this year is no different. With bold call-outs and fresh flourishes, you'll feel energized each day you dive into your goal planner. And the stickers have been updated!!

STREAMLINED PREP WORK: This year's Prep Work has been reduced from 34 to 21 pages. What?! How did we do that without sacrificing the introspection and a-ha moments the PowerSheets process is known for?? With great care and dedication, of course, and a listening ear to YOUR feedback! :) We reordered, reworded, redesigned, cut, and added to this section to make it just as impactful as ever BUT easier than ever to complete. It's a whole new process, and we can't wait for you to experience it.

We know you will use your goal planner to set life goals that really matter (goals that cause a ripple effect in your life and the lives of the people you love), and so we want you to have the BEST chance of succeeding as you possibly can. 

NEW GOAL-SETTING GUIDELINES: Have you gotten stuck on how to follow-through in the past? Or how to break down your goals? This year, we've expanded the initial goal setting pages to give you more space and a clear process for breaking your big-picture goals down quarter by quarter in your 90 day planner. Of course, your PowerSheets are flexible enough to help you in whatever way you set goals, but if you're looking for a guide, you've now got an excellent one! This section has been expanded from 24 to 28 pages.

REFRESHED MONTHLY PREP PAGES: While the Tending List remains largely unchanged, look for refreshed brainstorming and review pages in this section. And more room for daily action items, perfect as a habit tracker!

REBOOTED QUARTERLY REFRESHES: As we've collectively placed a greater emphasis on our goal refreshes each quarter, we figured it was high time these sections got a fresh look. Your quarterly refreshes have been TOTALLY redesigned to include Prep Work reboot prompts, mini challenges, guided questions to keep you moving forward on your goals, and space for you to plan out your quarterly mini short term goals (YES!—a big request from this community!). You'll love your 90 day planner!

ENROLLMENT IN GOAL SCHOOL: Did I save the best for last? I just might have! Your PowerSheets purchase includes access to our exclusive new membership platform—FOR FREE! Watch the Prep Work video series and track progress on your PowerSheets journey through interactive tools. We can't wait for you to log in!

New to Cultivate? We're so happy to have you! Download one of our community's favorite resources for FREE—our 7 Best Goal-Setting Hacks—now!

We want to hear from you! What's change are you most looking forward to in the 2021 PowerSheets? Let us know in the comments below!

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Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

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