We’re Hiring an Art Director!

We’re Hiring an Art Director!

by: Cultivate Team

Friends, we have some exciting news and some bittersweet news at the same time!

After seven years with our team, our incredible Art Director Nicole will be moving on to new adventures in the new year. She started working with us as an intern while she was in college, and this is the only job she’s had since then. This is bittersweet for all of us! She is simply ready for a new adventure, and we’re so excited to cheer her on in the months ahead. Nicole is one of the most creative and dynamic people we have ever met, and she has impacted thousands of women over the course of her time with our team. While we are so, so sad to have to say farewell to her this coming December, we’re excited for her next chapter and can’t wait to meet the person who will join our team in her role!

To step into Nicole’s shoes, we are looking for another incredibly creative, skilled, and dynamic individual to join our team. What better way to describe the person we’re looking for than letting Nicole tell you herself. Take it away, Nicole:

Spending my days in our office with my amazing teammates is no easy thing to say goodbye to, but it makes me beyond excited to meet the person who will take my place. This job has given me the opportunity to work on some dream projects, meet the most talented and kind people, and be a part of a workplace family that is supportive, and challenges me to be my best self. I can’t wait for someone else to be a part of this!

Each day in this position is a workout for your head and your heart. I believe that doing this job best means balancing the needs of our customers with the logistics and tactics of our growing company and project list. It means approaching design with both intuition and strategy, seeing each assignment as an opportunity to reach a new person and tell a new story. We spend a lot of time in our office talking about our core values of enthusiasm, integrity, the power of one, and global view. These are values that dictate our work on every level. Our greatest hope for our new team member is that he or she is impassioned to advocate for the needs of our customers and for the integrity of our brand message; is empowered to translate this vision into every part of our brand, from Instagram gifs to product development to photo shoots; and determined to keep improving.

As the Art Director, you’ll be expected to dive into company projects with an immediate vision, able to deliver assets under fast-paced deadlines. Our design decisions tend to strike our audience as fun, happy, and casual, but the Art Director should be able to balance our accessible deliverables with the nuances of our brand mission and greater marketing strategy. You’ll be expected to learn the expectations and desires of our audience in order to best communicate with them. Additionally, our Art Director must be capable of independent work and decision-making. He or she needs to be able to self-edit, and to clearly communicate why he or she made the decisions that they made.

Think you’re the right person for the job? Read through this post and the application thoroughly for specific qualifications and job responsibilities you’ll have. Attention to detail is part of the application ‚


  • 3-5+ years of experience in print and digital design
  • Fluent in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop
  • Experienced in print production
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds
  • Must be able to work in our Chapel Hill, NC office in 2018. (We are open to remote positions for our most qualified candidates—must be willing to travel to our office several times a year.)
  • Must be able to commit to 4-5 interviews (including at least one in-person interview)

The person most fit for this position:

  • Has basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and WordPress
  • Has a love for great branding, and can build out appropriate interpretations of our brand assets for visual diversity and interest
  • Has experience with digital marketing/marketing strategy
  • Approaches product creation with user-focused design, and balances design with marketing tactics and production techniques
  • Has a strong knowledge of our brand and heart for our mission
  • Approaches design both intuitively and tactfully and sees each assignment as highly customizable

Of course, we’re also looking for a team member who is well-spoken, has a great grasp of grammar, is a creative problem-solver, is self-motivated to learn, enjoys goal-setting, is enthusiastic, energetic, and a team player!

Tasks and responsibilities may include:

  • Physical product design (namely the PowerSheets and Write the Word journals)
  • Digital product design (e-books, opt-ins, and guides)
  • Managing production and import of overseas product
  • Styling and shooting product imagery
  • Editing product photography
  • Project management (including hiring contractors, delegating tasks and disseminating information, and managing deadlines)
  • Creating internal marketing assets like media kits and one-sheets
  • Creating graphics for our blogs, shops, social feeds, and video content
  • Creating web assets and managing web development projects
  • Ad design and client interfacing
  • Basic videography
  • Editing CSS and HTML for basic web pages and newsletters

To apply, fill out our application, and have these items ready to upload:

  • Your PDF resume
  • Your portfolio, if it’s not online
  • A one-sheet PDF you have designed about yourself. Feel free to include anything you think is relevant, but be sure to include answers to the following questions. Get creative and showoff your skills!
    • Your name and any nicknames you go by.
    • What fires you up?
    • What is your greatest strength?
    • Tell us a fun fact about yourself (or a few!)
    • What are your professional goals?

Applications are due November 3. We hope to hire someone and begin training in mid November—we’re open to discussing an official start date or relocation timeline soon after that! This is a tight timeline, and we would so appreciate this amazing community’s help in finding the right person! If you know of anyone who might be a good fit, PLEASE send them our way!

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