The Girls Goal Planner: An 8-Year-Old's Review

The Girls Goal Planner: An 8-Year-Old's Review

by: Emily Thomas

While it was so fun to jump back into the mindset of our preteen selves as we wrote the Girls Goal Planner, there's no substitute for the real thing. So today, hear from Cultivate's resident GirlMiss Grace Isaacsonas she shares her honest Girls Goal Planner review. We handed her one of the first copies, hot off the press, and she's been using it for a few weeks now. Take it away, Grace! :)

What do you like most about your Girls Goal Planner? I really like the stickersthere are four pages of stickers. There are flower stickers, random stickers like fruit, the golden flower stickers, and then the party stickers!

We all know a lot of things are canceled right now. What sorts of things are you writing in your weekly spread? I'm playing outside a lot, lot, lot and going to the park a lot, lot, lot and I write those down.

Can you tell us a goal you're working on? So one of my goals is learning how to play a new song on the piano. Also to read 100 books during the summer. I had a goal to teach my sister how to do her letters but she already learned those so I think I'll teach her how to read.

What's something you've learned about goal setting from the GGP? You work on your goals a little bit every day. Like here, for my goal of jump roping, I wrote "practice, practice, practice."

Why do you think other girls will love this planner? I think they're going to love the stickers.

What kind of girl will really love this planner? A girl who likes flowers and planning things ahead of time and coloring.

Just for fun, what's something you're really good at? Jump roping!

Thank you so much, Grace! For more about Cultivate's brand-new Girls Goal Planner, check out these past posts:

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The Girls Goal Planner is on sale now! Buy one for your favorite girl today and make her whole summer :)

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Emily Thomas

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