Quick and Easy Recipe Round-Up

Quick and Easy Recipe Round-Up

by: Jess Thore

August often marks a season of transition—regardless of whether or not you have kids! Changing calendars means adjusting current routines and adopting new rhythms. We believe it's possible to be prepared and present at the same time. A little intentional forethought goes a long way, especially when it comes to meal planning!

Thanks to our Wellness Goal Guide, one of my weekly PowerSheets goals over the past few months has been weekly meal planning and prepping. It's been incredibly helpful to have a bank of easy meals to choose from, and I've found myself soliciting tried and true recipes from friends and family.

While we certainly won't claim to be food bloggers, trying a new recipe that's been given the thumbs-up from someone you trust is much easier than scouring Pinterest. Today we're sharing some of our favorite quick meals and tips to help you enter this new season with the ability to focus on the things that matter most to you!

  • The go-to meal for our Customer Delight and Conference Manager, Ashlea? A salad with Trader Joe's chili-lime chicken burgers on top. The patties come frozen, pre-portioned, and only take five minutes to cook.
  • Here's a great tip from our Marketing and Content Coordinator, Jordan, for houses that have pickier eaters: choose a meal that's easy to modify. For example, she often makes chicken quesadillas for her meat-loving husband, but can easily swap the meat portion out in hers if she wants something lighter without making two separate dinners.
  • Our Operations gal, Kaylee, loves a simple Caprese Pasta Salad. It's a delicious meal with only a few ingredients, and if the weather near you is as warm as North Carolina, then you can keep this in your rotation for a few more weeks!
  • Our Marketing Director (whom you will meet next month!) loves "dump-and-bake" meals, which means you dump all the ingredients in one pan (hello easy clean-up!). Pair it with a fresh salad and baguette, and you're good to go!
  • Conference Director Kristin has a go-to meal that's a proven crowd-pleaser: Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas. Pair it with black beans and cilantro-lime rice, and you have a meal that's sure to leave people wanting seconds.
  • A recent favorite meal in our home is Chickpea Pasta with Sun-dried Tomatoes. We're not vegetarian, but we try to eat meat-free when possible to save money and make sure we're loading up on vegetables, and this is a hearty meal! My advice? Leave the crushed red pepper out of the main pot, and let each person add it to their finished bowl.
  • Our Designer, Casey, loves easy oven fajitas. Not only does it pair great with rice and beans, but you can easily double the batch for leftovers. Two tips from Casey? Skip all the individual spices and throw in a packet of the fajita mix and line the sheet pan with foil for easier clean-up.
  • If you live near a Trader Joe's, take a tip from Marissa, our PR and Partnerships Manager, and stock up on Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken for your freezer. Pair it with brown or cauliflower rice (your husband and children will never know, she says!), and you're ready to feed a crowd!

Do you have any easy recipes that have become favorites in your home? Feel free to share them below so we can add them to our recipe banks!

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