Join us at Making Things Happen in March!

Join us at Making Things Happen in March!

by: Ashlea Carver

There's something powerful that happens when like-minded women at all life stages, different backgrounds, and different professions come together to make what matters to them happen. When one woman chooses to cultivate what matters, it gives other women the permission to do the same thing. For the last nine years, we've had the joy of seeing women uncover intentional goals, make an action plan, and make what matters happen at the Making Things Happen Conference.

The Making Things Happen Conference (affectionately known as MTH) is the first of its kind. This two-day intensive, led by Lara Casey, author of Make it Happen and Cultivate, is intentionally designed to fire you up and set you on a powerful path. Together, attendees dig deep, establish priorities, uncover a purposeful vision for their lives, set goals, and discover how to make what matters most happen. Making Things Happen was founded on the idea that each attendee has the choice to change their life.

This can be your story, too. Join us in Chapel Hill on March 25-26th for our 55th Making Things Happen Conference.

As our Customer Delight and MTH Conference Manager, I have the privilege of getting to know each attendee ahead of the conference, and here are four of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Making Things Happen:

I'm not an entrepreneur, and I don't own a business. Is Making Things Happen a good fit for me? This is where Making Things Happen is different from other conferences. You won’t be listening to a panel of speakers tell you how to do things; you’ll be led through a powerful process where YOU uncover good goals and make an action plan that fits your specific life and dreams. MTH is for everyone: love-at-home moms, corporate CEO’s, students, creatives, non-creatives, and everyone in between have joined us over the last nine years. Whether you know what you want to make happen and need an action plan, or you need a kick in the pants, there is room at the table for you. We've had all ages join us, too! From college freshmen to women in their 60’s who are ready for a new chapter in life, the unifying factor is a desire to live intentionally and make the most of your time and gifts.

Do you offer payment plans? Absolutely! We love being able to help our attendees uncover their purpose and steward their finances well. Email if you’re interested in a payment plan, and she'll give you all the details.

Is this a faith-based conference? Our Encouragement Speakers tell their personal stories, including the challenges they’ve faced, and faith gets talked about extensively at MTH. However, these are their personal stories, and faith is not a requirement to attend MTH. We welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds!

I don't know anyone! Can I come alone? The majority of our attendees take a leap of faith and walk into the Carolina Inn alone, but it doesn't stay that way for long! Our Encouragement Crew and Cultivate Team are ready to meet you at the door with a bright smile and a big hug! Once you register, we'll add you to a Facebook group that allows you to meet fellow attendees ahead of the conference, arrange hotel accommodations, and chat about all things Making Things Happen. Our team will be popping in your mailbox every few weeks (and more often as we get closer to the conference) to answer all your questions and offer as many pep talks as you need. After the conference, we'll add you to our online network of more than 1,000 Making Things Happen alum who are ready to meet you! You might come alone, but you are going to leave with a room full of friends and cheerleaders!

Still have questions? Don't be a stranger! Send me an email at I'd be happy to answer your questions via email or set up a time to chat on the phone to answer all your questions.

Over the past 54 MTH Conference experiences, we've watched more than 1,000 alumni bring their dreams to life, launch new businesses, leave behind unfulfilling habits, transform their marriages, and live on purpose. Now, it's your turn. It's time to listen to the voice in your head telling you it's worth investing in yourself and join us March 25-26th.

Join us in Chapel Hill, NC! We can't wait to help you uncover your goals and start making them happen! Our Early-Bird Rate (almost 50% off ticket price) ends on January 31st, and we have payment plans available; email me at for more information! Register today!

We'd love to hear from you! Big or small–what have you invested in for yourself recently? Leave a comment below!

Photos by Rachel Coffey.

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