January PowerSheets PrepCast

January PowerSheets PrepCast

by: Julie Homen

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

—My schedule is so full, and sometimes that means I don't have time to make my monthly Tending List.
—I really want more accountability with my PowerSheets so I actually follow through.
—I've been stumped on a page in my monthly prep pages before.
—I love my PowerSheets, and I really want to make the most out of them!

If you relate to any of these statements, you're going to love this post! But first, a little background information for you...

As you know, one of our core values is quality. And, to us, we define quality as relentlessly pursuing the best for our customers. That means we are consistently looking for new ways to improve what we produce (products and resources!) for you.

Listening to you is one of the most important ways we pursue the best for you! We love talking to you—in our annual survey, via email, on social media, in Facebook groups, through snail mail, and—one of our favorite ways—at in-person events!

We tried a new guided method of completing PowerSheets Prep at Cultivate Your Year Live on December 9, and they loved it so much that we're making guided monthly prep accessible for EVERYONE! 

So without further adieu... drumroll...

Introducing, the PowerSheets PrepCast, the monthly podcast episode guiding you through your PowerSheets Prep pages. At Cultivate Your Year Live, Lara guided us through each page of our Prep Work. Not only did she provide encouragement and inspiration throughout the process, she also gave us a set amount of time to work on each page in the Prep Work. We heard over and over how helpful that was to keep from getting stuck and to hold them accountable to completing the Prep Work.

So here it is! The PowerSheets PrepCast—your new favorite way to complete your monthly prep pages! Each episode will be about 20 minutes, and Lara will guide you through your monthly Prep Work page by page. There will even be instrumental music for you to enjoy while you write. How fun, right?!

Let's dig in together to prepare for our best January yet.

 Key takeaways for your January Prep Pages:

  • Grab your 2020 PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner and your favorite pens—and let's do this!
  • How we spend our time is how we spend our lives—and you want to spend it well in January. So, we'll decide where you'll spend your time—and where you WON'T spend your time.
  • Let's talk about what defines a great month. And it's not what you might expect. ;) 
  • Take some time to look back at your PowerSheets Prep. You spent so much time uncovering what matters—so refresh your mind on those big-picture goals!
  • Use that new Monthly Calendar Spread in two ways: 1) Fill out the calendar with commitments you already have for the month so you can set realistic goals for January. 2) Once you fill out your Tending List, move some of your next steps to your calendar so you have a plan as to when you'll get those things done!
  • Remind yourself of this: You can't do it all and do it well. But you can choose to cultivate what matters.
  • Pro-tip: Use a verb to start every line of your Tending List!

Tell us! What is one item on your January Tending List? We'll choose one person who comments and send you a 2020 Goal Setting Sticker Book! 



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