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You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should go DO them! You're ready to finally make progress on your goals, and live out what matters.

It's possible with PowerSheets: The Intentional Goal Planner.

Cultivate What Matters is your home for the best goal-setting tools, community, and daily encouragement!

The 3-step proven process in our best-selling tool, the PowerSheets® Intentional Goal Planner, guides you to uncover goals that matter, make an action plan you can't wait to get started on, and live it out with joy! Around here, we do things differently. We help you focus on progress, not perfection. Buy your PowerSheets® TODAY!

Our Story


From our main office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, these five core values propel us forward each day and are inherently a part of each team member. They're the guiding force in our organization, and our community (you!) helped us name and discover them! 

Excellence: We relentlessly pursue the best for our customers.
Enthusiasm: We show joy in all we do.
Integrity: We seek wisdom that reflects a life of purpose.
Entrepreneurial Spirit: We dig in, making the most of what we have by turning challenges into opportunities.
Power of One: We serve each other with generosity and humility.
Generosity: We choose to be generous as a reflection of God's abundance.

You can keep going through the motions in life, feeling overwhelmed, or you can cultivate what matters. We're here to guide you!


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