Introducing the 2022 PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planners | Patterned Cover!

After the twists and turns of 2020, and the rollercoaster of 2021, you're SO READY for a fresh start. You're ready to turn the page and move forward to good things ahead! You're ready, more than ever, to dig into a fresh set of PowerSheets®. No matter what comes your way in the new year, you want to cultivate what matters—right where you are. The 2022 PowerSheets were made for YOU!

With SIX (yes!) beautiful cover choices sure to inspire a fresh start, your new year begins here! We know it's hard to choose, but the REAL magic is on the inside: behind every cover is a better-than-ever goal setting proven process that works (just read the reviews!). We've taught thousands of women how to make flexible plans and steady progress on goals that matter to them—no matter what comes their way.

Every year, we make the goal-setting process better and tailored to exactly what you need—and for 2022 we took it to another level! As women all over the world, including us, use their PowerSheets, we listen, change, and innovate to make it easier (and more fun!) to achieve life goals that really matter to you.

What can you expect behind these covers?
 Our simple, guided process with three steps: 

  1. Uncover a big-picture vision and the right goals for your unique life in the first section: the PowerSheets Prep Work.
  2. Make a simple action plan for each of your goals to help you start well and follow through with ease.
  3. Live it out, little by little, with the signature Monthly Tending Pages!

Much more to come on changes to the inside of PowerSheets soon, but for now...


TODAY, MEET THE NEW PATTERNED COVER! Set the tone for 2022 with vibrant colors and an encouraging reminder to bloom where you are planted!

BLOOMS: Remind yourself of the flourishing life you're growing little by little, day by day! Our Blooms pattern got a fresh squeeze of floral and you've got a faithful companion for a year of fruition. If one of your goals is to love the people around you and do the most good with what you have, Blooms is the cover for you! 


With 2022 PowerSheets...

Instead of staying stuck in your circumstances, you're moving forward on the things that matter.

Instead of overwhelm, you'll feel energized.

Instead of regret, you'll know you're spending your time on the right things.

We're so excited for you!
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