Ideas for How to Use Your PowerSheets Legacy Box

In honor of the tenth anniversary of PowerSheets®, each 2022 goal planner was delivered to its new home in a colorful, gold-foil legacy box. We hope these boxes help to convey how worthy we think you are, and how worthy your pursuit of what matters is. You, just as you are, are so loved and valuable. And you, chasing after big dreams and daily rhythms that cause a ripple effect of purpose and passion for the people around you? Well, that's something special.

But what to do with that very special gift box after your PowerSheets have moved to their new home on your desk, your kitchen counter, or in your work bag? Here are some ideas from the Cultivate community:

  • As a time capsule: "I'm using it to store all my cards and thank you notes received in 2022, my first retirement year. It will also hold any plane tickets, photographs, or other memorabilia from this year," says Joanie. Victoria adds, "I'm planning to use it to hold mementos from our growth and adventures this year."
  • As a PowerSheets kit: "I keep all of my PowerSheets 'stuff' in my teal box right now - Wildcards, bookmarks, pens, highlighters, stickers, etc.," says Krista.
  • As a photo box: "I'm trying to print more photos and display them," says Meghann. "I'll use the box to hold photos I'm not displaying at the moment."
  • As a gift box: "I love the idea of using it to package a very special gift, especially for a friend who's working on a goal herself," says Abbie.

How are you planning to use your PowerSheets box? We'd love to hear!

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