How to Have a Social-Media Free Weekend

How to Have a Social-Media Free Weekend

by: Cultivate Team

One of the questions we ask in PowerSheets Prep Work and the Seasonal Goal Refresh Pages is “What Are You Saying No To?” When you start to think through the big picture, it’s helpful to make a list of what’s NOT in that big picture. We often see social media or mindless scrolling as your answers, and it’s one reason our team has become huge advocates for Social Media-Free Weekends.

What is a Social Media-Free Weekend? Social Media-Free Weekend is a weekend where you completely remove yourself from social media. Does that stress you out already? Don’t worry! We’re giving you practical tips on how to build up to going social media-free for a whole weekend!

Take the first step. If an entire weekend without social media seems overwhelming, take the first step. Turn off the phone notifications and emails for all your social media apps. Choose one time to check in each day, and being to limit your consumption before diving into a full weekend.

Go social media-free for one day. Once you’ve started to wean yourself on consistently scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, go social media-free for one day. Choose a weekend day, turn your phone off, and see what happens.

Buy an alarm clock. Our phones have become one of the first things we touch in the morning because we often use them for alarms, making it easy to roll over and start mindlessly scrolling through social media or emails. Remove the temptation by buying an alarm clock! You can find some of our favorites here, here, and here!

Move the apps to a folder, or delete the apps completely. Move your social media apps to a folder on your phone called “Social Media-Free Weekend.” If that’s still tempting, delete all your apps from your phone for the weekend to keep you accessing them.

Fill your downtime. It will be a lot easier to go social media-free if you fill your day with plans! Take a walk, browse the farmer’s market, schedule a brunch date with an old friend, or head to the library to check out a book. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll be less tempted to spend time on social media when you have other activities to look forward to!

Tell people what you are doing, and ask for accountability. Challenge friends and family to join you. It will be a lot easier to have a social-media free weekend if your significant other, friends, roommates or family are joining you. A level of accountability will help you stay on track!

Social media isn’t a bad thing when it is used purposefully, and eliminating yourselves from social media entirely isn’t always an option. Use social media and your times of connectivity on purpose. Write out a mission statement for how and why you will use them well. Post that mission statement to your computer or desk where you will see it often. If you find yourself mindlessly using social media again, check your motive and get back to cultivating what matters in your life!

Have you gone social media-free for a day or weekend? If so, tell us what you learned! If not, what is holding you back? Try adding it to your PowerSheets Monthly Tending List, and let us know how it goes!

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