Here's What Six Months of Goal Progress Can Look Like

Here's What Six Months of Goal Progress Can Look Like

by: Bailey Shoemaker

We've seen thousands of women around the world radically change their lives with the PowerSheets® intentional planner in just six months. Now, it's your turn. Try it for 25% off today - it's the perfect time to get started!

It’s hard to believe that we're almost to the halfway point of the year—a time to appreciate how far we've come and set ourselves up for success for the second half of 2021!

Whether you're feeling frustrated by a lack of progress or amazed by what you've been able to accomplish, there's always something to celebrate. It’s celebrating the small steps forward that gives us the push we need to continue goal-getting!

On that note, one of the most helpful things you can do this month is write out the progress, big or small, you've made so far on your goals and living each day grounded in what matters most. In what areas of your life have you seen change? What wins can you celebrate? What habits are now second nature? I guarantee you’ve moved forward on something that matters to you since January! Use that progress as motivation to keep going.

We truly believe radical life change can happen in just six months, and so we reached out to members of Team Cultivate and our PowerSheets Facebook Group for a few examples. We hope this inspires you to notice the change in your own life this year!

Melissa from Montana said, "6 months of goal progress for me looks like STILL not giving up on a health goal that is important and yet difficult for me. I have made some small progress, but my biggest accomplishment is still pursuing it."
Mackenzie from Team Cultivate says, “My husband and I moved at the beginning of the year (after getting married just four months prior!), so I built out my goals knowing there was going to be a lot of change and transitions in the first six months of 2021. With that said, progress this year has been very slow - just as I anticipated, but in the best way. It's allowed me to give myself grace when I've had to change up the way I thought something would work, but didn't when I actually tried living it out. I'm looking forward to a more consistent second half of 2021, where I can stay focused and continue to take small steps to live out what matters.”


"I have been able to set up new routines for my health and self care after breaking my leg in April. Since I have been off my feet, I have had a lot of time to reflect on my goals. During this time, I have been practicing my patience and increased my gratitude," says Melissa from Illinois.

One of Diana's goals was to successfully move her family to Florida for their military change of station. "I broke this big goal down month-by-month, purging rooms one-by-one and splitting up all of the logistical details like finding new schools, new dentists, and new doctors. My PowerSheets made a very overwhelming season more manageable."

"With two very small kiddos at home, it's been a year of really leaning into little-by-little progress (emphasis on the little!)," says Irene from Team Cultivate. "One of my goals for the year was to hit 5,000 minutes in the Peloton Annual Challenge. To keep it from feeling overwhelming, I set a goal of 125 minutes per week, knowing that would give me some cushion for weeks where we were traveling, or things got crazy! I haven't hit it every week, but I'm almost at 2,500 minutes at the end of May - well ahead of halfway to my goal!"

"One of my goals in this transitional year when we're adding a new baby to our family and sending our oldest to kindergarten is to spend dedicated one-on-one time with that future kindergartner," says Emily from Team Cultivate. "She's very into baking, and so we set a goal to bake together once a week. We've been mostly successful - so far we've made cream scones, cake pops, brownies from scratch, dinner rolls, several kinds of cupcakes, banana bread, soft pretzels, chocolate cream pie, and more! Yum. "

Six months of goal progress looks different for everyone—and that's perfectly okay. If you need a little extra motivation to keep going after those goals, check out our best tips for tackling long-term goals and why we encourage you to be intentional about noticing little-by-little progress!

We'd love to hear from you! What goal progress are you celebrating at this midpoint of the year? This is the perfect time to reground yourself in what matters. We'd love to hear in the comments and cheer you on as you make little-by-little progress on those goals!

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