Here's What 90 Days of Goal Progress Can Look Like

Here's What 90 Days of Goal Progress Can Look Like

by: Emily Thomas

First quarter of 2022: check! Before we move into a new season, let's take a beat to appreciate how far we've come and set ourselves up for success for what's ahead.

Whether you're feeling frustrated by a lack of progress or amazed by what you've been able to accomplish, there's always something to celebrate. It’s celebrating the small steps forward that gives us the push we need to continue goal-getting!

On that note, one of the most helpful things you can do this month is write out the progress, big or small, you've made so far on your goals and living each day grounded in what matters most. In what areas of your life have you seen change? What wins can you celebrate? What habits are now second nature? I guarantee you’ve moved forward on something that matters to you since January! Use that progress as motivation to keep going.

We truly believe radical life change can happen in just 90 days, and so we reached out to members of Team Cultivate and our PowerSheets Facebook Group for a few examples. We hope this inspires you to notice the change in your own life so far this year!

"I saw little-by-little progress add up in real time, not just when I looked back," says Abbie from Team Cultivate. "My goal to 'continue cultivating local community' has blossomed: it's looked like making connections in our small group, treasured friends coming to our side, and feeling the impact of community around us. Another goal that I've seen major progress in, my 'year of prayer,' has grown my heart and mind significantly. Journaling my prayers has become a daily rhythm (thank you, Val Marie Paper journal!) and I've seen prayers answered time and time again over the last 3 months."

"Silly as it may sound, one of my goals this year was to enjoy my life and have fun," says Casey from Team CWM. "Though I thought this would include grand adventures and trips at the beginning of the year, it's unfolded differently, and instead I've embraced small fun, little adventures, and everyday joys. That has looked like picnics with my little sisters, lazy Sunday afternoons, new boxing classes, and weekly coffee outings."

"I made progress on making leveling up our family's budgeting document to help us plan further out in the future," says Courtney from Team Cultivate. "And even though I wanted to organize our entire storage closet, I made it through our home decor section, which was by far the worst of it and hadn't been touched for three years!"

"My biggest goal for the year is to take care of my mind, body, and soul," says Diana from Team Cultivate. "I've cared for my body with a post-partum checkup, a dentist appointment (the first one in years!), and walking 3 times a week! For my mind, I've booked three professional development summits or conferences for Q2."

"Two of my goals for 2022 were to start and end my days well," says Irene from Team Cultivate. "I have been far from perfect, but I've really enjoyed Write the Word | Lent to get myself back into the habit of starting my days with scripture and a hot cup of black coffee before my kids wake up. In the evenings, I've been more disciplined about going to bed with a clean house (dishes done, laundry put away, floors swept and counters wiped) so that I can start the next day with a clean slate. It's a game-changer for my mental health in a noisy, busy world!"

"I focused on 3 of my 8 2022 goals during Q1 and it was a game changer," says Meg from Team Cultivate. "My mind felt less cluttered and I felt the momentum behind the little steps I took. One of my 2022 goals is to cultivate community within our church. I got plugged into a weekly Bible study, started a text thread with a few women in our church, and also started a habit of praying for our community early on Sunday morning while getting ready. All of the little steps have impacted my mindset and have encouraged me greatly!"

"I have two goals that stand out from Q1," says Emily from Team Cultivate. "The first is my goal to return to in-person worship. After two years of prayer and research and conversation, we've joined a new church that we love and have attended every week since we started going in February. So grateful. The second is my goal to complete my outstanding creative projects quarter by quarter. Q1's goal was to send my 2010-2014 family photo album to print, and I did it!! I do NOT think this would have happened if I hadn't given myself the quarterly deadline (versus giving myself the whole year to complete it) - a great reminder of the power of shorter windows for progress!"

90 days of goal progress looks different for everyone—and that's perfectly okay. If you need a little extra motivation to keep going after those goals, check out our best tips for tackling long-term goals, making progress on goals when you have a full-time job, and balancing multiple goals

We'd love to hear from you! What goal progress are you celebrating after the first quarter? This is the perfect time to reground yourself in what matters. We'd love to hear in the comments and cheer you on as you make little-by-little progress on those goals!

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Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas is Cultivate What Matters' Content Strategist and Writer. With over a decade at Cultivate, Emily loves helping women uncover what matters, set good goals, and live them out with joy. Her free time is spent with her high-school-sweetheart husband and three young kiddos.

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