The Cultivate Book is Coming!

Do you ever read a quote from a book or see an image on social media and breathe a sigh of relief? As if someone has put to words and voiced your thoughts, hopes, fears, desires, and more? That's exactly what sitting down with Lara's second book Cultivate: A Grace-Filled Guide to Growing an Intentional Life was like for me. It's an invitation to be a part of something more meaningful and intentional than chasing the seemingly perfect life. It's an invitation to believe that a flourishing life is possible, right where you are.


Recently I was telling a friend about Lara's newest book and when she asked me to explain what the book was about, I froze. Like, deer in the headlights frozen. The Cultivate Team has been so immersed in the book writing process, that the words Lara has written have almost become ingrained in me (in the best possible way!) I ended up sharing Lara's Cultivate book trailer because it does a fantastic job at sharing Lara's heart for the words in these pages.

Cultivate from Twenty-One Films on Vimeo.

Not sure if Cultivate is right for your season of life? (Spoiler alert: it is!) Sign up below to have the first three chapters delivered right to your inbox!

You might be wondering why we chat a lot about preorders (I actually used to wonder the same thing!), and now I know! Preorders help retailers ensure they have enough copies on stock on launch day!

As a thank you for all our friends who pre-order the book before the release day on June 27th, you'll get these amazing pre-order bonuses listed below:

  • Cultivate Together Leader Guide
  • Quick Start Video from Lara to help guide you in facilitating a group study of Cultivate
  • Gardening 101 E-Book filled with 22 pages of helpful advice and resources for growing a garden
  • Citrus Grove Coloring Page for a restful and fun activity
  • Goal Gardening Worksheet from our best-selling PowerSheets intentional goal planner
  • Phone and computer desktop backgrounds to remind you to cultivate what matters most

Make haste and preorder your copy today, because these preorder bonuses are only good through June 26th! Claim your bonuses here!


On behalf of Lara and the rest of the team, I want to thank you for your genuine encouragement, support, and prayers during this season. If you've been following Lara's book writing journey over the last two years, you know it's been one of imperfect progress. She wrote Cultivate in the thick of one of the hardest seasons of her life and even had to start over half-way through the process. But, like working in her garden, all of this hard work and digging in was worth it. We are grateful she took the time so share her journey and how it has changed her and her family, and we are hopeful it will do the same for you!

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    July Goals

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