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Colorful Bible Book Tabs

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Colorful Bible Book Tabs

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Find what you're looking for! Get to know your Bible with ease and find the books of the Bible quickly with the fan-favorite Colorful Bible Book Tabs! 

    Watch below to see how simple these are to apply! You will LOVE them! 

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    What You'll Love

    • Easy-to-apply, durable stickers for all 66 books of the Bible (Old and New Testament)
    • Bonus Bible journaling stickers!
    • Make your Bible extra colorful with these delightful tabs

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 59 reviews
    Nice, thick tabs!

    It took some time to get these tabs placed, but I’m really happy with the results! I like the pop of color, and the tabs make it easy to flip to the exact book I need quickly.

    Helena Rogers

    I am so happy with my Colorful Bible Book Tabs!!!
    I have been blessed with owning a Bible since I was a little girl.
    I love these brightly colored tabs to help me quickly turn to any book in my Bible.
    I ordered three sets, just in case a friend wanted a set.
    These were super easy to attach & were a bit forgiving if I quickly caught my error.
    Very pleased & happy!💜💜

    Sharon B.
    High quality!

    LOVE the Colorful Bible Book Tabs I ordered recently! They were so much thicker than what I have seen in stores and the colors are really fun too. I've been SO impressed with the quality of your items and highly recommend the 'Write the Word' journals as well.

    Andrea Luna

    These bible book tabs are great. They make it easier now to find the book I need, and they are so pretty too!

    Grateful for this feedback, Andrea!

    Jill Martinelli
    Colorful, easy to apply, sturdy.

    I loved these colorful Bible tabs for my daughter‘s Bible to help guide her through the books of the Bible. They will be super helpful for navigating and finding different verses. The font is clean and clear, they were very easy to apply, already have a ridge to fold so the edges match up perfectly, which I loved.

    Love seeing them in your Bible, Jill! It is so cool and so beautifully colored!