Tangible. Tangible. TANGIBLE!!!  I LOVE my PowerSheets because I am able to SEE my goals in little steps each day. It is remarkable and so effective for me. Anytime I feel stuck or like I have TOO many things to do during the day my PowerSheets center my heart and keep me focused. Take time to really do the goal work at the beginning of the set and see yourself accomplish goals that REALLY matter!
Gina Zeidler, ginazeidler.com

I personally use these and LOVE them (they fit great in our #HomeBaseBinder). PowerSheets are a bundle of undated worksheets (105!) for six months of guided deep digging to narrow your focus, set purposeful goals and tend to what matters most. They're a great addition to our #SimplifiedPlanner throughout the year.
Emily Ley, emilyley.com

One of my favorite parts of the PowerSheets is the prep worksheets that are designed to help me get a gauge on where I'm at and what currently matters most to me. Those are such a sacred practice for me! The PowerSheets have helped me to stay focused by giving me a visual reminder of what I CAN be doing, rather than getting lost in what I think I should be doing.
Jess Connolly, jessconnolly.com

As with many entrepreneurs, my previous system of creating goals focused largely on financial and marketing goals, leaving personal growth secondary. While business improved, I had a growing sense that something was sorely lacking. Since I was already a huge fan of Southern Weddings magazine, I was no stranger to Lara Casey and her inspiring blog posts, which ultimately led me to the PowerSheets.  Finally, here was a system that left me enthusiastic and excited, and above all, brought true results. Through deep introspection and honesty, the use of PowerSheets painted a clear picture of what truly matters, what I should be spending my time on, and a steady and realistic path to get there. For the first time in my adult life, I had confidence, struck a work/life balance, spent more time with friends and family, and my life centered only on things that bring lasting joy and happiness - God, service, and love. The Power sheets are beautiful, practical, inspiring, and like any good thing, they require hard work and dedication. Along the way, there are helpful blog posts and videos, and I could not ask for a more wonderful, honest, encouraging and inspiring example to follow in Lara Casey.

Thanks to the PowerSheets, I pursued my dream of going back to school to pursue theatre. After taking a year off after graduation, the idea of going back was lofty and out of my comfort zone. The PowerSheets not only helped me in the planning and application process, but now that I am in grad school, they keep me prioritized and on top of projects They serve as a reminder to make what matters most happen, even if it is something out side of school that is refreshing to my soul.
Bailey Robert, braveloveblog.com

The PowerSheets are an investment of time and money, and worth every moment. PowerSheets are more than just a pretty paper or to-do list, they are a tool to help you learn more about what sets your heart on fire and then gives you the structure, confidence, and tools to go and use your unique gifts to make a difference in the world around you!
Emily Enockson, @ecenockson

I started using PowerSheets at the beginning of this year with the goal to be able to quit my part-time job by May. I used the PowerSheets to spend February through May getting myself organized and aligning my priorities, and then left my part time job in the middle of April!! I made it a priority to launch my boudoir business this year, and with my PowerSheets, I was able to make little-by-little progress and had my big launch in April!

If you are a visual person and want as system that helps you dig deep and make PROGRESS surrounded by a community of amazing and encouraging people, the PowerSheets are a must-have tool for you!! This year, I took a big leap and started my business!!!
Jennifer Pochobradsky, harperhadleyevents.com

My goals and dreams were all kept haphazardly on Post-It notes and failed “mental notes.” The PowerSheets have allowed me to collect my goals and big dreams into one place. Even better, PowerSheets have helped me tackle them one month at a time. My goals and big dreams used to feel so daunting and almost unreachable, but now I see that they are not only attainable, but I’m actually making progress!

$35 is the smallest financial investment you can make in your business and is so very worth it. It's great being able to look back on the last six months and see what I've been able to accomplish because I wrote it down in a specific place. I've never been able to say that before PowerSheets. Before using the power sheets, I felt overwhelmed and discouraged. Now I feel clear and thankful for progress.

My favorite part of the PowerSheets is the community — the ability to help me cast a vision for my life based on God's plan, and to be able to dream and set goals. That's something I think a lot of women (especially moms) have a hard time doing because they are so consumed with other things. I LOVE the Facebook group and the webinars — they show me how to use the sheets and are so encouraging.
Kristen L., @KristenLila

My PowerSheets helped me discover my core, define what matters and name my fears. This gave me the confidence to take the leap to become a Noonday Collection Ambassador. They have since helped me to define my business goals with clarity and intention.
Kate McNatt, NoondayCollection.com

Before using the PowerSheets, I felt I couldn't achieve my goals because I didn't have a meaningful reason behind them. Now, I feel empowered because my goal planning is organized and very close to what matters to me.
Jessica Chavez, jessica-chavez.com

Before using the PowerSheets, I felt like I was nothing and that I never got anything done. I was hopeless. I thought the PowerSheets were for people who were real entrepreneurs or business people....not for me. Now I feel thankful and optimistic. I can look around and see all these things happening in my life.
Melody Van Arragon, @melodyvanarragon

The most helpful part of the PowerSheets was the consistent re-evaluation of where I am, where I want to be and small steps to get there. I'm such an "end result" person that sometimes I forget there is a process that is necessary in order to get there. That process not only helped me continue to move forward, but also made me better than I would have been if I just jumped forward. Before using the PowerSheets, I felt like a dreamer. Now I feel like a dreamer who DOES.
Lindsay Hall, beeskneesloft.com