That's right! You are the go-to girl when your friends need a little extra motivation, because they've watched you practice what you preach and bring your dreams and goals to life! When someone needs a kick in the pants, they show up on your doorstep or in your inbox for the best pep talk around.

You pour yourself into every single project you start, bringing it to completion without exerting much effort. Your to-do list is long, but that only motivates you to work harder and smarter. People love being around you because you radiate ease and assurance in a way that inspires confidence in others. You thrive when you receive praise and positive attention—it makes you want to work even harder.

In all your doing, it can be easy to lose sight of the things that matter most to you and what you truly want. You keep moving forward at 70 miles per hour without taking the time to stop and ask, "Is this really what matters to me, or am I doing this because someone else expects it?" It's okay to slow down and get to the root of what's most important to you so you can make sure you're spending your time cultivating what matters. Then you can use all that energy and excitement to move in that direction, encouraging a host of others along the way!


Break it down


You're in luck! We've gathered a few starting steps for you:



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