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Help her cultivate what matters, too.
5 stars
The Girls Goal planner helps my daughter think about her dreams and realize they can come true and also encourages her to express her creativity. My daughter loves the Girls Goal Planner, and I love it for her.
Christina, mom of Victoria
What you'll love about the Girls Goal Planner
The Girls Goal Planner, created for girls ages 8 to 13, is a fun and research-backed workbook that will help the girls in your life bloom where they're planted.

Girl and Mom Approved
The Girls Goal Planner is equal parts fun and meaningful. Girls love the engaging activities, guided prompts, weekly planner pages, and researched-back teaching, and adult's love knowing their girl is growing in character and focusing on what really matters.

The Girls Goal Planner was created with renowned child psychologists and developmental experts to meet the needs of your girl—right where she is.
Start any time
The Girls Goal Planner has 12 months of planner and activity pages, but is undated, and perfect for her to start any time.
From engaging activities to planner pages, 4 pages of colorful stickers to daily encouragement, the Girls Goal Planner is sure-to-be be her favorite activity this summer. She's going to love it!
Dream big
She'll find what makes her unique and set fun goals.
Take small steps
She'll learn to take small steps toward her goals.
Have fun along the way
She'll love the fun activities (and stickers!).
5 stars
The Girl’s Goal Planner is a wonderful gift for helping girls become more reflective with who they are and where they are going. Creative, fun and practical it helps break large dream into manageable goals while also spreading the message of love, self-care and healthy relationships.
Michael DeMaria, Ph.D., Psychologist, Bestselling Author and 4-time Grammy Nominee
The Girls Goal Planner
New! The Girls Goal Planner - $32
Introducing your girl's favorite summer activity! Created to inspire and empower the next generation of women, the girls in your life will LOVE using this fun planner.

This 12-month workbook has it all: engaging activities, guided prompts, 4 pages of colorful stickers, encouragement, and research-backed teaching.
Her best summer
starts right here
New! The Girls Goal Planner Starter Bundle- $60
Everything she needs to bloom where she's planted this summer—all in one perfect (and discounted!) bundle.

Included in this bundle: The Girls Goal Planner, 4 sheets of 190+ stickers in the Garden Sticker Pack, customizable gold foil Monthly Tab Stickers, 3 perfectly sized notebooks in the Everyday Lined Notebook Set, and the Magnetic Page Markers that will stand up to her daily adventures.

This bundle is valued at $72, but available to you for $60.
2020 Goal Setting Sticker Book - $15
Bring joy to her summer with 1,600+ colorful and gold-foil stickers in this best-selling sticker book. The pep talk stickers, oversized blooms, and color-coding flags are perfect to use with her brand new Girls Goal Planner!
Who doesn't want
flower stickers?
New! Garden Sticker Pack - $9
Stickers make everything more fun and colorful! She'll love this brand new garden-themed sticker pack to use with her Girls Goal Planner. What's more fun than 190+ happy flower stickers?
Feeling scattered? You're in the right place! The PowerSheets®️ Intentional Goal Planner will help you know what goals and habits to focus on—and let go of the rest. You'll live a life far beyond your to-do list. You'll love it—the most popular and results-backed goal planner, eight years running!

As Seen In …
What you'll love about 2020 PowerSheets®
The PowerSheets®️ Intentional Goal Planner was made for any woman, in any season of life. With PowerSheets, you'll get clear on what matters most and feel energized to live on purpose.

A process that brings life into focus
You'll uncover a big picture vision for your life that will give you focus in every season and circumstance. You'll know how to spend your time—and how not to spend it!

Free coaching and community
You'll get free video coaching guiding you through your PowerSheets Prep Work and monthly goal coaching straight to your inbox. You'll also get access to a private community of like-minded women making their goals happen alongside you.

The Six-Month Undated PowerSheets are undated, and perfect for you to start whenever you want.

Life beyond your to-do list
You'll be energized as you take small steps forward on goals that matter to you—little by little. The PowerSheets will lead you to live a life far beyond your to-do list—it'll lead to legacy.
5 stars
Just what I needed to get unstuck!
PowerSheets helped me get back on track and into my life.
Your Fresh
Start Is Here
Six-Month Undated PowerSheets® Goal Planner - $44
Add energy and focus to your days with the PowerSheets Goal Planner this summer. You'll set a big-picture vision for your life that will give you focus, make a flexible action plan to live it out, and tend to your goals little by little. You'll feel energized and empowered all summer long!
New! Six-Month PowerSheets® Summer Bundle - $58
Let's make this a summer to remember! The Six-Month PowerSheets Summer Bundle encourages and equips you to focus on what matters this summer and have fun doing it.

You'll set meaningful goals with your Six-Month PowerSheets Intentional Planner, add color with your Sticker Pack of choice, customize your PowerSheets with your Summer Wildcard Page Pack, and mark your page with your Magnetic Page Markers!

Valued at $71, this bundle is available to you for $58.
Summer Starts Now
New! Summer Essentials Bundle - $50
Live each day this summer with joy and intention with your NEW favorite accessories—all packaged together for you in one perfect (and discounted!) bundle!

Plan your days with the Daily Planner Notepad, get unstuck with the Break it Down Notepad, step out in the sun with your Sprout Hat, customize your PowerSheets with the Summer Wildcard Page Pack, and have some FUN with the Garden Sticker Pack!

Valued at $68, this bundle is available to you for $50.
Make this
summer extra fun
NEW! Summer Wildcard Page Pack - $10
These Summer Wildcard Pages will help you make this a summer to remember and customize your PowerSheets in a snap! From your Summer Fun List to Summer Reading, you are going to love this pack of 12 meaningful worksheets.

Don't miss this limited edition Wildcard Page Pack—when it's gone, it's gone.
NEW! Daily Planner Notepad - $15
You've never needed this helpful tool more! With the Daily Planner Notepad, you'll organize your days and keep track of your top priorities—great for adding your PowerSheets goal action steps! You'll set life-giving routines and get the things that matter most to you done.
No more
Feeling Stuck
NEW! Break it Down Notepad - $12
Have some summer projects in mind and need a place to them down step by step? Meet your new best friend: the Break It Down Notepad!

This notepad pairs perfectly with your PowerSheets and provides you with plenty of space to note steps to take to accomplish any project or goal you have.
Step out
in the sun!
NEW! Sprout Hat - $22
The perfect accessory for all that outdoor time ahead this summer! Super soft and the perfect shade of teal, throw this hat on and let it be one more reminder that you, too, can bloom where you're planted this summer. It's so cute you'll reach for this hat again and again!
Your Stay at home
SUMMER uniform
NEW! Cultivate What Matters Pocket Tee - $26
Super soft and 100% cotton—it will be hard to take this shirt off for laundry day! Slip on this happy pocket tee and it'll remind you to focus on the good things this summer!

Sizes S-XXL available, but don't wait—our Pocket Tees sell out fast.
Write the Word | All Seasons Collection - $99
It's back! The best-selling Write the Word All Seasons Collection SOLD OUT last month, and we're thrilled to finally have it back in stock.

This discounted bundle includes the five most popular volumes all with unique verses: Faith, Hope, Joy, Renewal, and Contentment. This collection will equip and delight you through every season!

Valued at $120, the All Seasons Collection is available to you for $99. Single Write the Word Volumes can also be purchased for $24 each.