The 2020 PowerSheets® Collection
Find success with our 3-Step proven process
You want this to be the year you follow through. You’re ready to get clear on your vision and priorities for 2020 and start living them out today!
Open your PowerSheets
All good things start with one small step-the key to success is little-by-little progress!
Do the guided worksheets
We make it easy to uncover what really matters to you and make a plan you can stick with.
Achieve Your Goals
Use your time well, simplify your schedule, and live your life with confidence!

Made For You
The PowerSheets® Intentional Goal Planner takes the overwhelm out of life by helping you focus on the right goals. PowerSheets are perfect for anyone who wants to finally follow-through on goals that matter! Students, empty-nesters, corporate professionals, business owners, love-at-home moms, and 50,000+ women all over the world have found success with the PowerSheets proven process. The most popular and results-backed goal planner, eight years running!

5 stars
Mind Blown, Life Changed!
Buying PowerSheets was the best. decision. ever.
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Powersheets Work, here's why:
You’ve tried setting goals all sorts of ways, and you haven’t achieved the kind of results you’d hoped for. With PowerSheets, it’s different.
The Golden Question
One question holds the key to getting results and staying motivated: Where do you want to be when you’re 80? The PowerSheets® proven process guides you to answer that question and do something about it.
Proven Structure + Neuroscience
In your PowerSheets, you’ll write down your goals in your own handwriting. Neuroscience research shows that people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to accomplish those goals than people who don’t.
The Magic of 90-day windows
Your brain can only focus intently on something for 90 days before you need a refresh. The PowerSheets work because you’ll intentionally do a Goal Refresh every three months. Breaking your goals down into smaller “mini goals” every 90 days helps you achieve your goals faster!
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What you'll love about 2020 PowerSheets®
A process that works
Make your goals a reality with intentional goal-setting worksheets for each month, starting with the signature PowerSheets Prep Work. Enjoy page-by-page goal coaching to keep you on track. This research-backed process gets the results you’ve been wanting!
Bonus resource
Not only will you get free video coaching guiding you through the PowerSheets Prep Work (a $500 value!), you’ll also get goal coaching straight to your inbox each month. Plus, you’ll get access to a downloadable library of Wildcard Pages to customize your goals.
In addition to the accountability within your PowerSheets, you’ll get access to a private community of thousands of women making their goals happen alongside you.
5 stars
Exactly What I've Needed in My Life!
I’ve never felt comfortable setting goals and accomplishing them until working through the PowerSheets Prep Work. It’s been easy to take baby steps toward my goals and it’s so rewarding to monitor my progress. PowerSheets have become a staple for life!
Best Decision
2020 Six-Month Undated PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner
Live your BEST YEAR with the 3-step proven process that works. 6 months of guided goal-setting worksheets to make your goals a reality between the all-new Citrus Blooms cover. Measures 8.5 x 10 inches, printed on high-quality 120 gsm paper. Made for you!
On to the accessories!
Create your 2020 goal setting system from 15 brand new products!
Zip Zip
New! Accessory Pouch - $18
For days at your desk or nights out, this pouch is clutch. Your favorite zipper pouch is back and even cuter in 3 new designs and a larger size! Store your favorite new Cultivate accessories — washi tape, sticker books, postcards, and more! The built-in stretchy band wraps perfectly around your PowerSheets, journal, or day planner. A must-have in Blooms, Green, and Teal!
with it!
New! Goal Setting Sticker Book - $15
Mark what matters with the brand new Goal Setting Sticker Book. Use the 1,600+ stickers (!) on your PowerSheets, day planner, journal, birthday cards, or lunch box notes! The sure-to-be favorites? The new pep talk stickers, oversized blooms, and our signature Goal Setting Color-Coding System!
Your Powersheets

Wildcard Page Pack | Everyday Essentials - $10
Make your unique goals happen with these worksheets. Easily and quickly customize your PowerSheets with the 24 colorful, pre-printed, and perfectly-sized Wildcard Pages so you can make progress right away!
Find Your PLace
New! Magnetic Page Markers - $8
Never waste time trying to find where you left off! These durable, super-cute page markers will help you finish what you started. Use them to mark important pages or the current month in your PowerSheets, this month's Tending List, or your spot in the current read on your nightstand!
Wrap It Up!
New! Gift Wrap Book - $24
No more wrinkled gift wrap rolls! Wrap it up with your new favorite wrapping paper book — and gift tags! Your gifts will look as good on the outside as they are thoughtful on the inside with these sheets of high-quality, gold foil wrapping paper. 4 beautiful designs, 12 fold-out sheets. PLUS! 12 perforated gold foil gift tags to match!
Write What Matters
New! Legacy Journals - $18
The extra-special journal you've been looking for! Use these high-quality linen journals to record memories, capture milestones, write letters to a loved one, and more! Hard covers with lined pages and gold foil details. Choose from Peach, Pool, or Chambray.
Your Pen's
Best Friend
New! Everyday Lined Notebook Set - $18
The perfect notebook for any need! From journaling to meeting notes, to do lists to party plans, this set of 3 lined notebooks can hold it all and then some! Gold foil details, sold as a set.
The Happiest
Kind of Mail
Joyful Greeting Card Set | Blooms - $24
Your favorite greeting card set is back in fresh new designs! A boxed set of 24 cards (with gold foil on every one!) and white envelopes to send happy mail worldwide. This greeting cards set is made for all occasions—the only set you'll ever need!
Celebrate Every Day
NEW! 2020 Best Year Wall Calendar - $22 $16
Stay inspired and organized all year long with this new calendar. Your new favorite place for important dates, celebrations, and milestones. The inspiring gold foil art on every page will help you focus on what matters in 2020.
Mark What Matters
Cultivate Faith Sticker Book - $15
Use these colorful and intentional stickers in your Bible, your Write the Word journal, your PowerSheets® Goal Planner, day planner, or wherever you want to mark what matters!
Fresh Start Bundle
All the essentials in one beautiful bundle. This was made for you!
Goal Setting Sticker Book
Green Accessory Pouch
Magnetic Page Markers