Hello and welcome! We're so glad you're here.

Team Cultivate seeks to operate Cultivate What Matters in line with the owner’s Christian faith and desires to make all business decisions according to Biblical principles.

We seek to bring glory to God and share His truth with our employees, customers, and community through our core values: excellence, enthusiasm, integrity, entrepreneurial spirit, the power of one, and generosity: 

EnthusiasmWe show the joy of the Lord.
Integrity: We seek wisdom to do work that reflects the character of God.
Entrepreneurial Spirit: We dig in, turning challenges into opportunities.
The Power Of One: We serve each other with generosity and humility.
Excellence: We relentlessly pursue the best for our customers and each other.
Generosity: We choose to be generous as a reflection of God's abundance.

The Holy Spirit has the power to use imperfect people, including us, and so we commit to following Jesus’ command to love one another by serving and delighting our community with love and excellence. 

To bear witness to the owner’s faith as we engage in our work, we intentionally communicate messages that promote aspects of her beliefs (or at least messages that do not violate those beliefs). 

We will prioritize the above religious, ethical, and moral principles regardless of the impact on profit. We commit to stewarding this business intentionally, including donating a percentage of sales to our partner organization

It is a gift and a privilege to be a part of this business. We are so glad you’re here.