You love her. And she's been through a lot in this time, too.

She misses her friends.
Her routines are suddenly different.
Her world has changed.

In it all, though, she's doing her best to make the most of these days.

In many ways, 
she's teaching you

You want her to come out of this strong, wiser, and focused on what matters most in life.
You want to show her that her best years doing have to be perfect and that they are built on character. They are marked by her resilience!

She will grow through this. 
She will bloom.

The Girls Goal Planner, created for girls ages 8 to 13 with renowned child psychologists and developmental experts, 
is a fun and research-backed workbook that will help the girls in your life bloom where they're planted.

This tool was created to inspire and empower the next generation of women to: 

1. UNCOVER WHAT MATTERS: She'll celebrate what makes her special and unique. 
2. LEARN HOW TO SET GRACE-FILLED GOALS FOR THIS SEASON: She'll choose what she wants to do, learn, or experience this year.
3. LIVE THEM OUT EACH DAY: Day by day, she'll take small steps towards her goals

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Tell me more about The Girls Goal Planner!

Why did you decide to create the Girls Goal Planner?
Our community asked us for it! Over and over, we hear "I wish I had learned these things when I was younger - it would have saved me so much wasted time!" We believe the foundational teachings of Cultivate and the PowerSheets - like the power of little-by-little progress, prioritizing relationships over achievement, and the importance of pointing your actions toward a bigger-picture vision for your life - are perfect for a younger audience, too.

What exactly is inside the planner? How does it work?
So much goodness! The Girls Goal Planner follows a simple three-step process: dream big, set your goals, and live them out. First, your girl will fill in a few fun activity pages that will help her celebrate her unique traits and get excited for what's ahead. Then, she'll identify a few ways she hopes to grow in the year ahead - her goals! Finally, she'll use her weekly planner pages, monthly calendar spreads, 12 character-building activities, and lots of coloring pages to live out a really intentional and joyful year.

My daughter is kind of a perfectionist. I don't want this to stress her out more. Will it?
Great question! We believe the Girls Goal Planner will help her curb those tendencies through encouraging imperfect progress and persisting even when she struggles, and emphasizing the importance of relationships over achievements.

Is this a daily/weekly planner or a goal planner?
It's both! Most of the book is made up of weekly planner pages. In addition, each month includes a (fun!) character-focused activity as well as a simple tracker to help her work toward a goal or habit. The Girls Goal Planner incorporates the best of the PowerSheets teaching in an age-appropriate and engaging way.

Are these journal prompts, or is there also teaching included?
Each activity spread (as well as the activity pages at the beginning of the planner) includes a mix of short, impactful teaching and hands-on reflection.

Is this a product I can do alongside my daughter?
Each Girls Goal Planner includes a special insert card for parents with tips for how best to come alongside your daughter and her planner - see it here. While we encourage you to give your girl the space to make this planner her own, you as the parent play an important role in encouraging her use of it and what's she's learning. Plus, if you're a PowerSheets user, we love the idea of sitting down together each week or month to fill out a few pages together!

Will it be available for the whole year?
The Girls Goal Planner will be available until it sells out. It's undated, so your girl can start anytime she'd like!