Starting the Seeds: Plan Purposeful Goals this April with the Lara Casey team!

Starting the Seeds: Plan Purposeful Goals this April with the Lara Casey team!


Lara Casey PowerSheets Goal Setting Guide for April #FreshStartSpring

Happy April!

How did it feel to clear the clutter in March? Did you feel more focused and clear-headed with distractions taken away and the chance to allow the things you love to come forward?

With that extra breathing room in your life, it can be tempting to fill it back up with more clutter—things that feel exciting and new right now, but might not be rooted in what's important to you.

Let's be more intentional with how we fill up our lives.

This month, we're starting the seeds that will grow into good goals and a more intentional life. All it takes is a little planning to make sure you're not filling that new space up with clutter.

The Starting the Seeds E-book is 15 pages of simple worksheets, extra encouragement, and helpful tips to help you tend to the things that you want to flourish in your life! You can receive the e-book FREE and direct to your inbox when you sign up here.

Join the LC team as we plant good seeds and cultivate what matters!

April is second in our Fresh Start Spring series. Fresh Start Spring is about starting right where you are, right now. It's never too late to start sowing the seeds you want to sow! We know there's nothing magical about January 1, so we're using March, April & May to start the seeds and purposefully plan our goals. PowerSheets were designed to help you uncover purpose-filled goals and strategically plan action steps to make what matters happen. You can pick a set here in our shop. 

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