Meet the Write the Word™ Journals | Restocked

Meet the Write the Word™ Journals | Restocked

Since 2015, it has been our honor to help thousands of women across the world open their Bibles and make time in the Word their favorite part of the day with one of our signature products—Write the Word™ Journals! These journals are simple and effective for women along any part of their faith journey, whether they've never opened the Bible or have been reading it for as long as they can remember. The flexible format and journaling pages allow you to go as deep or personal as you'd like with your study and quiet time!

For months, Cultivators have been asking when our Write The Word™ Journals will be restocked and we are so excited to share that the time has finally come! Cue the confetti! 

In less than two weeks, TEN of our favorite Write The Word™ Journals will be back in stock in the Cultivate Shop! These Write The Word™ Journals are back in limited quantities—and limited quantities mean they will go fast! 



Whether you're new to faith or in a full season of life, Write the Word™ Bible Journals were made to help you grow closer to God and live each day with hope and purpose!

Below, we've featured a list of all ten journals that will be restocked, as well as a brief description of what makes each one unique!

Write the Word™ Journals | Restock

Write The Word™ | Cultivate Confidence: Write the Word | Cultivate Confidence will remind you of who God says you are. You will grow your confidence from a place of unshakable trust!

Write The Word™ Journal | Cultivate Contentment: Write the Word | Contentment will help you grow in contentment through God's promises and assurances to us. Full of scripture on thankfulness, this volume will help you get after grateful!

Write The Word™ Journal | Cultivate Faith: Write the Word | Cultivate Faith will introduce or refresh you to the larger story of the Bible. This volume is a great place to begin, or start fresh, in building a foundation in the Word.

Write The Word™ Journal | Fruit of the Spirit: Cultivate the fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5 as you explore the attributes of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in Write the Word | Fruit of the Spirit.

Write the Word™ | The Garden: Write the Word | The Garden will help you step into the rich garden imagery of the Bible. From flowers to trees to the garden of Gethsemane and many garden parables, this volume is the perfect fertilizer to nourish the soil of your soul.

Write The Word™ Journal | Cultivate Hope: Write the Word | Cultivate Hope will bring you peace and assurance as you get still and reflect on God's life-giving truth.

Write The Word™ Journal | Cultivate Joy: Write the Word | Cultivate Joy invites you to delight in the goodness of God. This volume will help you celebrate the joy that yours as a daughter of the King!

Write The Word™ Journal | Cultivate Prayer: Write the Word | Cultivate Prayer is filled with scriptures specifically selected to help you grow your daily connection with the source of life Himself. Flourish in your faith through the gift and practice of prayer with this journal! 

Write The Word™ Journal | Cultivate Renewal: Write the Word | Cultivate Renewal is for those who need a reminder of God's promise to make all things new. Get still and reflect on His life-giving truth with this volume.

Write the Word™ for Kids: These kids Bible journals plant the seeds of God’s word deep in the heart of your child. The perfect starting journal for kids, they're a great activity for boys and for girls ages 5-12. Buy one of our beloved Write the Word adult volumes and enjoy quiet time together!

Can't decide which Write The Word™ Journal is your favorite? We've got good news for you! Choose 3 (or 5!) of our best-selling Write The Word™ Journals to create your own faith-building bundle!

The restocked Write The Word™ Journals launch in the Cultivate Shop at 12 pm ET on Tuesday, August 10th. Mark your calendars, set your alarms, get your shopping list ready, and tell your friends!

Do you have a favorite Write the Word journal? What will you be adding to your cart on launch day? Leave a comment below; we'd love to hear!


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