Write the Word is Back!

Write the Word is Back!

Can I tell you a secret? When we hired Kaylee and I started training her on the ins and outs of Customer Delighting, I felt a little bad handing it all over to her. Not because she wasn’t qualified (I mean have you had the chance to “meet” her yet? She’s phenomenal), but because the worst part of that job is telling our friends when we are sold out of our products. It breaks my heart every single time knowing there are women ready to start cultivating what matters in their lives and we don’t have products to put in their hands.

Since selling out of Write the Word in April, you have been patiently waiting for this day to come, and IT. IS. FINALLY. HERE. Write the Word journals are officially back in stock! Cue all the confetti. Bring out the streamers. Pop the champagne (after work hours, of course!)

What is the Write the Word Journal? The Write the Word journal is unlike any journal out there. Each day, you’ll get a selection of key verses to write out (the “write the Word” part!), along with space to write your thoughts, prayers, or anything else God places on your heart. These journals were created with the big picture of God’s story in mind, helping to point you to places in the Bible that will help you to know His heart in direct and deeper ways.

Our FIVE EDITIONS were created as a collection to walk you through foundations of faith and various seasons of life, right where you are.

Write the Word // Cultivate Faith contains a selection of scripture that is fundamental to faith, making this volume a perfect gift for someone who is new to their faith or looking to cultivate a fresh or renewed faith. If you are doing the journals in order, start here!

Write the Word // Cultivate Joy is filled with scriptures specifically selected to help you delight in the goodness of God. Perhaps you’re in a season of craving fresh joy. This volume is full of scriptures to help you celebrate the joy that’s yours in your faith.

Write the Word // Cultivate Gratitude is filled with scriptures specifically selected to help you grow in contentment through God’s promises and assurances to us. Full of scripture on thankfulness, this volume will help you get after grateful.

Write the Word // Cultivate Hope is filled with scriptures specifically selected to help you find God’s peace and assurance in seasons of waiting, challenge, or unknown.

Write the Word // Cultivate Renewal is filled with scriptures specifically selected for those who need a reminder of God’s promise to make all things new. Get still and reflect on His life-giving truth with this volume.


Head over to the shop to choose your favorite today! Or, if you’re indecisive like me, I recommend grabbing the Write The Word // All Seasons Collection. We’ve bundled all five volumes together so you can save 10%, no code needed!

How to Use Your Write the Word Journal from Lara Casey on Vimeo.

We want to hear from you! Is it your first time using Write the Word? Have you been using Write the Word already? Tell us your favorite volume below!

Unsure if our Write the Word journal is a good fit for you? Download our free Cultivating Faith Guide to start writing the Word today, no journal required! We’ve selected 10 passages of Scripture for you to dig into today!


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