What Others Are Saying About Write the Word

What Others Are Saying About Write the Word

One of the key tenants of my job is to listen to each of you. That’s how I gather content ideas, how our team develops new products, and how we keep a pulse on how you feel as you make progress on your goals. Reading your words about how you are making progress on cultivating what matters in your lives and listening to your stories will never get old, regardless of how my long my to-do list continues to grow.

I want to share some of the encouraging words we’ve heard since we relaunched our Write the Word journals last month. We still have all five volumes in stock, and you can head to the shop today to grab one (or all five) for yourself!

I’ve always struggled with having quiet times until my sister gave me my first Write the Word last year. Write the Word has changed my life, and I can’t help but buy more to share with those I love most. -Rose S.

I just wanted to thank your team and Lara for producing these journals. I have been going through a very difficult season of loss and my faith has been greatly challenged. I have been a believer for years and love the Lord, but it has been overwhelming to open up my Bible and read it. The Write the Word Journals are an answer to prayer, and I am excited to use them to get back into God’s Word. -Laura W.

I’ve been looking forward to this day for awhile! Thank you so much for all you do. I am looking forward to digging into the Word with these journals and sharing them with friends! :) -Susanna Z.

My husband ordered Write the Word // Cultivate Joy for me as a Mother’s Day gift and it has made such a positive impact on my life and journey in faith that now I’m ordering the whole bundle to share with the women in my life who encourage me as a mother! -Sarah A.

I can’t wait to use these as gifts for my Mom’s leadership team! -Megan T.

With my first child, this was such a great way for me to stay in God’s Word! I am ordering the All Seasons Bundle because I have friends having babies in the coming months, and I can’t wait to be a blessing to my sweet friends! -Laura K.

I love my Write the Word journals so much! I ordered the All Seasons Bundle to complete my set, and I’m giving the duplicates to my best friend. -Marcia H.

We love hearing how you’re using your Write the Word journals, and reading your words about how these products are encouraging your faith walks reminds us of why we do what we do each and every day.

If you’re a Write the Word user, we invite you to head to the shop, and leave a review on the product listings. Our team reads all the reviews, and we’d love to hear from you!

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