Welcome to the PowerSheets Community Site!

Welcome to the PowerSheets Community Site!

Welcome to the PowerSheets Community Site, friends! We’re so glad you’re here and can’t wait for you to dive in! We’d love to take you on a little tour of the site so you can take full advantage of your intentional goal-setting experience!

The site is divided into two generic sections. The left side of the navigation menu is for searching the community – goals, members and groups. These pages are only visible to PowerSheets members who are logged in. The right side of the site houses is your user information and resources.




The Goals page allows you to search through the goals set by members of our community! Use the filters to find goals that are similar to yours, and encourage users as they tend to theirs by clicking the “encourage” button on each goal.


The Members page allows you to search through all the members in our community! Use the filters to find members who are local to you, or who share similar interests. Click on a member to view their Profile page.


The Groups page allows you to create community in two ways. You can join one of our larger online groups to connect with others who are similar to you, or create your own local group to arrange meet-ups! Don’t see an online group that you think would be a great resource? You can “Suggest A Group” and Laura, our Community Manager, will review your suggestion and create new groups based on demand and need.

Blog & Store

These pages will take you to the PowerSheets Community Blog and Lara Casey Shop!


At the top of the Feed, you’ll see your user information along with a Daily Prompt where members can converse and interact with each other. Below that, you’ll see our restricted content:  live streams, videos, downloads and blog posts exclusive to PowerSheets Community Members.

My Profile

The “My Profile” tab has a dropdown menu with four items: My Groups, My Goals, Edit My Profile and Log Out.

You’ll see the same user information as the “Feed” with a monthly checklist added to the right. Below that, you’ll see your monthly and yearly goals. You can create new goals here via the “Make A Goal” button.


You’ll be notified when you receive encouragement on a goal or a group invite.


At the footer of each page, you can follow along on social media, sign up for our newsletter, read our FAQ and About pages, contact us, and learn about the Making Things Happen Conference.

We hope you enjoy your tour around the site!

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