Using Your PowerSheets in a Season of Uncertainty

Using Your PowerSheets in a Season of Uncertainty

Life can often feel uncertain—especially in times like this. Your mind may be racing with worries and fear. The future may feel unknown. And perhaps you were already in a challenging season outside of the pandemic and current economic landscape. 

Are you feeling right now like you don't even know how to feel?

You may not know all the answers, but you do have an intentional tool at your side, one that was made for a season just like this. Your PowerSheets® can help guide you in the midst of the mess and help you focus on what matters.

Let's start here. Answer this: what has gotten you through times of unknown in the past? Having made it through those seasons before, what advice would you give yourself now?

You're here in this community, which means your answer probably looks like ours:

Cultivate what matters.

Right where you are, in the midst of uncertainty, little by little, cultivate what matters.

Take the long view, and keep coming back to the small things that add up to the big things.

Focus on the things you can control, and do your best to let go of the things you can't. 

Most importantly, be kind to yourself and others, and take things one day at a time.

And remember, you have a tool in your hands to help you choose where you'll focus your time, heart, attention, energy—and where you won't. 

Here are 5 ways to use your PowerSheets® to thrive in the midst of it all:

1. Double down on thinking big picture and using your time well. This is the essence of cultivating what matters! When everything is going smoothly, it's easy to coast along thinking just day-to-day. But when somethingusually something unpleasantjolts you out of your routine, it's a gift in disguise: a chance to reevaluate how you're spending your time, renew your passion for your big-picture vision, and make changes to align your time with your priorities. Lara speaks to this beautifully and powerfully in podcast episode 008

In your PowerSheets: flip to page 18-19 and read through your big-picture vision. Also, if you haven't completed (or started!) your Prep Work, now is the perfect time! No guilt, no shameput pen to paper today. Your big-picture vision is waiting to help you take the long-view!

2. Cultivate joy in what feels impossible. The things we love shouldn't wait for some far-off day when we "have it all together"if we wait for the day when life feels perfectly smooth, we'll be waiting forever. Making opportunities for little moments of joy, delight, and beauty can be one of the most powerful ways to fight back against fear—and help those around you do the same!

In your PowerSheets: flip to page 9 and read through the things that fire you up. Do one of those things today!

3. Write out your fears. Fear will try to hold us back from making big-picture choices every time. Getting your honest fears out of your head can help you meet them, strip them of their power, and move forward. To name your fears is to see them and be able to make decisions about them. Your fears do not define who you are. A year from now (a month from now!), you'll be so glad you did this right now!

In your PowerSheets: flip to a wildcard page. Like we do on page , write out "I fear ____ because of ____." Write it as many times as you need to, and get specific about your right-now fears, not your fears for all of time. Then, write out how you'd feel if you were to step into these fears and take action!

4. Get after grateful. Even on the days most filled with fear or darkness, there can be unexpected glimmers of light. Notice them, focus your mind on them, and you'll find yourself seeing more and more of them. Counting our blessings isn't just a fluffy exercise for Thanksgiving, it's a powerful brain stimulator, helping us more easily solve problems and move through challenges.

In your PowerSheets: flip to a wildcard page and write out a gratitude list for today. Start small if you need to: the morning light, a hot cup of tea, a microwave to warm up your tea when it's no longer hot :)

5. Focus on things you can control. In all of life, there's a lot we can't control—especially in a season of uncertainty (and that can be hard to accept!). Instead of spending time worrying, identify steps you can take to continue growing what matters to you. For example, if you can no longer go to the gym to work out, can you run up and down your stairs at home?

In your PowerSheets: review your Tending List for this month to make sure it still feels realistic and helpful. Adjust as necessary.

Friends, if you're struggling right now, we see you. We love you. We'd love to invite you listen to Lara discussing thriving in a season of uncertainty.

Until then, be gentle with yourself, go for a walk, and/or turn on your favorite song and hold a private dance party in your kitchen. And remember: your PowerSheets aren't a success if every goal is checked off; your PowerSheets are a success if they help you do those things that really matter to you. Give them the chance to help you in your season of uncertainty and they will deliver!

P.S. You may also find this blog about seasons of transition helpful!


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