Unsure About the Cost of PowerSheets? Let's Talk!

Unsure About the Cost of PowerSheets? Let's Talk!


It's not an insignificant amount of money, friends.

On the other hand, $58 is also about the cost of two coffees per month for one year. 24 cups of coffee.

Or, a year of living out what lasts: uncovering and organizing your priorities, simplifying your schedule, getting clarity on what matters to you, clearing away distractions, using your time with intention, and making real progress on goals that lead to a life of joy, contentment, and purpose.

(I know which one I'd choose, but I also don't drink coffee :))

A friend taught me a money mindset trick a few years ago that was a lightbulb moment for me: "It's not that I can't afford it," she said, "it's that it's not a priority for me right now."

For some of you reading this, PowerSheets® might not be a priority right now: maybe you're between jobs or struggling to pay for basic necessities. We see you, and we're proud of you for making tough choices for yourself and your family. I live and die by my budget—I'm the last person that would counsel you to spend beyond your means.

But if you're on the fence and deciding whether PowerSheets are "worth it"? That, my friend, I can confidently answer: they are. 

There are better and worse ways to spend money, and hands-down one of the best is to buy time—and that's exactly what PowerSheets will do for you. By helping you streamline your actions, cut out waste, and clear away distractions, you'll find yourself with more time for the things that lead to greater joy and satisfaction—whatever that might mean to you.

We tend to value the things we spend money on (no surprise there!). By saying "yes" to PowerSheets, you're making a pact with yourself to do life differently in 2019—differently than the people around you, and perhaps differently than you've ever done life before. You're making what lasts a priority in your life, and if you're faithful to the product and process, that is a decision that will pay dividends for you and everyone you cross paths with for years to come.

P.S. Want to get a deal? We see you, bargain hunter! The best deal on PowerSheets is available NOW, in our bundle (for more than 10% off!). The Make it Happen bundle will remain in the shop as long as inventory lasts. You can wait, or you can snag your favorite combo before they're gone!

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas has been writing content for Cultivate What Matters for over four years. Her passion is helping women unlock what matters most in their lives and living the lives they’ve always dreamed of. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband, three kids, and Golden Retriever, Dolly.

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