This is Your Fresh Start

This is Your Fresh Start

There’s something magical about spring, flowers blooming, and the fresh start it often represents. However, we know there are many you who feel stuck. Whether you’re experiencing an entirely different season altogether (hello to our Southern hemisphere friends!) or staring out the window at the snow on the ground, there’s nothing that says your fresh start can’t happen today.

There are inevitable times of overload in our lives that are bound to creep up—times of change or transition or times where there’s simply too much to do and not enough time to do it (are you feeling that?). These are opportunities to shift.

We are giving you permission to embrace a fresh start! We create each product in the Cultivate Shop to help you uncover what matters most and become the person you were meant to be. Now through April 2nd, everything in the Cultivate Shop is 25% off–no code needed! Use the code HAPPYSPRING for free shipping on domestic orders over $100!

All five volumes of our Write the Word collection are officially back in stock and on sale! You can complete your Write the Word collection and buy individual volumes, or you can save 25% on our (already on sale) All Seasons Collection and tuck a few away as gifts.

We’ve become big fans of color-coding our PowerSheets goals in the past year for a visual indicator of where we’re spending our time, and now’s a great time to join us! Our Goal-Setting Sticker Book has more than 900 stickers and is on sale for $9, which comes down to a penny per sticker!

We created our Couples Goal Guide after receiving numerous requests for how to set goals with your significant other, and since then, hundreds of couples have uncovered what matters most together! Fill this little book out on a date night, on the couch, all at once, or little by little.

These are just a few products available in the Cultivate Shop, but everything is on sale for 25% off! Little by little, change will happen when you intentionally use these products. We embrace the motto of “it’s okay to grow slow” over quick fixes and overnight results. There is much to be learned in the in-between, and new seasons are a great marker of good things ahead.

There’s nothing magical about January 1st, friends. 

What if today is the day that everything changes?

If you could envision your most purposeful year yet, what would it look like?

Where do you want to be when you’re 80?

What is holding you back?

“I don’t have enough time to journal and cultivate my faith.”

My favorite part of the Write the Word journal collection? Each of the five volumes is undated, and you can decide how often you’d like to use the journal! Keep a Write the Word journal in your bag, by your bed, or in the car to have it nearby when you have free time.

“I don’t even have PowerSheets yet! How do I start without them?”

Good news! We’re restocking our Six-Month PowerSheets in White on April 24th, but you don’t have to wait until then to uncover good goals. Lara’s 2018 Goal-Setting Series walks you through the entire PowerSheets Prep Work, and you can buy the PowerSheets Accessories Bundle on sale for 25% off today so you’re ready to dig in!

“My husband won’t set goals with me.”

Setting goals with your significant other doesn’t mean you have to sit down with your planner, PowerSheets, and a long list. In fact, we encourage you to flip the script and make it fun! Our Couples Goal Guide is 21 pages and small enough to pull out during dinner with your significant other without sending him into a tailspin :)

Today can be your fresh start. Everyone ends up somewhere, but few end up somewhere on purpose.

Everything in the Cultivate Shop is on sale for 25% off through April 2nd. Use the code HAPPYSPRING for free domestic shipping on orders over $100. Please note this promotion only applies to new orders.

Leave a comment below telling us what you’re adding to your cart for your fresh start! I’ll choose one lucky commenter on April 3rd, and refund your entire order!

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