This is What It Looks Like To Cultivate Your Calendar!

This is What It Looks Like To Cultivate Your Calendar!

A new season is around the corner! So much has changed since the start of the year, and a lot of your routines went out the window with summer. We're right there with you.

This week has been all about getting Back To What Matters as a Cultivate community, and WOW you are ready to cultivate what matters in this new season!

Lara and frequent Tending List Tuesday host Shunta Grant kicked us off on Tuesday afternoon with a live class to help you make the most of your days this fall and beyond by planning your calendar instead of it planning you, and the ladies that attended were on FIRE in the comments! (Watch the replay here!).

If you want to create a calendar with room to cultivate what matters, Lara will help you get there with three practical steps!

Here's a sneak peek at the steps:
—Define what matters and what DOESN'T matter! Answering this question will help you create boundaries in your life and fight comparison. What we plan time for becomes our priority and what we spend time on grows! 
—Prepare and put your yearly calendar on autopilot (yes, it's possible!). Look ahead in your calendar and choose what will anchor your days, weeks, and year. Make time for what matters to you in the big picture and mark them down!
—Live it out! No perfection required here. Life typically doesn't go the way we think it will—but if you use the gift of a little intentional forethought, you can still live out the things that matter and have flexibility.

How you spend your time is how you spend your life. You're going to use it well—not perfectly because that's not the goal! The goal, as always, is PURPOSE, not perfection.  

There's so much more encouragement and practical applications in the class! It's amazing how one hour in August can lead to an entire season of clarity and inspiration.

Dig in right after the class with these helpful resources! 
—Listen to Cultivate Your Life Episode 020: How to Say No with special guest Emily P Freeman
—Subscribe to the Business, Life, and Joy Podcast with Shunta
—Listen to Cultivate your Life Episode 023: When Your Plans Don’t Go As Planned 
—Enjoy Essentialism by Greg McKeown

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Already watched the class?
We'd love to hear: what's one step you're taking to be intentional with your time? Tell us below!

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