Team Cultivate's Favorite Holiday Gifts

Team Cultivate's Favorite Holiday Gifts

When it comes to gifts, Team Cultivate is firmly on the side of "it's more fun to give than receive." Picking out the perfect gifts for family and friends gives our holiday seasons an extra spark of joy, and we love to compare notes in the office as we check loved ones off our list!

Today, we thought we'd share some of those notes with you, since we know many of you are working on your own lists right now! Below, we've rounded up our favorite gifts to give from the Cultivate shop, as well as from some of our favorite brands and makers! 

Note: many of these shops (including ours!) are currently running sales or will be running sales for Black Friday, so now is the perfect time to grab your favorites at a great price. (And don't forget to peruse the Cultivate 2019 Gift Guide here!)


Lara: This should come as no surprise, but my most frequently-gifted item is PowerSheets (it's a major perk of the job!). I love seeing the women in my life get unstuck and focus on what matters.

I love giving the Everyday Lined Notebook Set (currently $14). Break them up, add a fun pen, and tie them up with a bow for three gifts in one!
Julie: My go-to gift is Write the Word Journals (currently $19). They’re practical, beautiful, and such a good price.
Madeline: This year I'm excited to gift the Legacy Journal (currently $14) to several friends! I've loved incorporating this product into my morning Bible Study routine, so I'm looking forward to giving it to my friends for the same purpose.
Marissa: You can’t go wrong with an Accessory Pouch (currently $14) to brighten the day of your best gal. I plan on filling them with sweet treats and a couple of gift cards to use as colorful teacher gifts this year. Bonus: I may tie together a few notepads for good measure. One of my current goals is to become teacher's petha!

Emily: I have several loved ones who love paper goods as much as I do (birds of a feather!), so I have gifted our Joyful Greeting Card Set (currently $19) many times over. I'll say it one more time for the folks in the back—LITERALLY THE BEST CARDS EVER.

Alexa: As someone who loves, loves, loves to host dinner parties and gather friends together (and has many friends who do, too!), the cookbook Host is a go-to gift. Written by two friends living in a small Brooklyn apartment, Host was created to share festive yet approachable recipes for groups of all sizesespecially in smaller spaces. Great for newlyweds who are just starting their kitchens—pair it with a little set of appetizer plates to fill it out!
Emily: There's pretty much no one in my life for whom a piece of Lindsay Letters art would not be appropriate. This, this, and this are my current favorites! Also, after having used Simplified's baby books for my two kiddos, I love to give them to expecting friends!
Lara: This year, I'm gifting goodies from my friends at Val Marie Paper (love her yearly prayer journal!), Well-Watered Women (journals, drink ware, and apparel) Ruth Chou Simons (the most beautiful illustrations), and my friend Jennie Allen's new book (available for pre-order now!).

Julie: One of my favorite things to give new moms or close friends is a piece of hand-stamped jewelry from Made By Mary—you can customize with a special name, date, or their word of the year to help them focus on what matters!

Kaylee: Somehow, I seem to wrap a set of LAKE pajamas every Christmas—they're just that good! Since they now have options for men and kids, I think I'll be gifting from them for years to come.

Now, it’s your turn! Share your go-to makers for your holiday shopping—we'd love to hear!

Psstdon't forget to add a gift wrap book to your cart to wrap it all up in style!

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Emily Thomas

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