Starting the Seeds this April!

Happy April, friends!

Last month, we worked hard to clear the clutter and let go of time-wasters, confidence-shakers, bad habits and junk. As the weather starts to warm up, it’s easy to get antsy. We want to race to the finish line and be rewarded with the bounty of our hard work.

But, the joy is in the wait, friends. Progress, not perfection. 

In March, we gave ourselves margin and space to breathe. This month, let’s fill up that glorious white space with things that fire us up! Download April’s #FreshStartSpring ebook Starting the Seeds, today! It’s full of tools and inspiration to help you purposefully plan your goals. We’re going to walk you through planting good seeds in that white space – the little action steps that will help grow your goals into big, healthy, beautiful harvest, all while keeping yourself rooted in what’s important to you.

AND – as PowerSheets Community members, take advantage of our exclusive desktop downloads and fun “Start Today” coloring page. Find them on your feed when you login to the community site!

Make sure to share your progress in your PowerSheets groups so we can encourage you! We’re cheering you on this month, friends!

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