Racism Has No Place in Cultivating What Matters

Racism Has No Place in Cultivating What Matters

Typically at the beginning of each month, we take time to encourage you to cultivate what matters in your own life. Right now, this is the most important message we can share: Black lives matter, and racism has no place in cultivating what matters. Anti-racism does. We are committed to this work both online and offline.

Cultivating what matters in our lives means thinking big picture and taking small steps. It means living for something bigger than us and growing what lasts far longer than us. Fundamental to that is putting others above ourselves. We have a long way to go in the world and in each of our hearts to live this out. 

Cultivating what matters means humility.
It means learning and seeking to understand.
It means taking steps forward for the good of others and our world.

Our Black cultivators, our world, and our children need us all to take that first step, or that next step. As a team, we’ve been learning, listening, and taking action—and will continue. Here are just a few of the next steps we're taking (with thanks to the many Black cultivators who have sent great resources our way):

— Continuing to listen. We know we don't have all the answers. This work will continue, both online and offline. 

— Postponing The Mid-Year Refresh to June 22-26 to make space for this conversation and bring us together to focus on the second half of the year with fresh eyes.

— Equipping you with action steps to take toward racial reconciliation on your Tending List. We're eager to turn learning into actionable steps forward—look for a blog post on Monday.

— Evaluating our own hiring process, and seeking expert guidance in this arena to continually make our team better and stronger for our community and our world.

— Committing to facilitating conversation on this work within our community on an ongoing basis. 

— Providing a library of books on racism and anti-racism to our team (we've each chosen one to read and discuss in June). 

— Bringing more PowerSheets stories from Black cultivators to our platform.

To the many incredible Black women in our community: You matter. You inspire us. Your voice is important here. We invite you to share your story of cultivating what matters with us—we'd be honored to hear from you.

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and racial injustice, we all have an opportunity to choose change right now. We will not go back to normal, but instead work toward creating something better.

With love,

Team Cultivate

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