PowerSheets Work, and Here’s Your Proof

PowerSheets Work, and Here’s Your Proof

Since joining the Cultivate team I’ve had countless friends ask me, “What’s the deal with these PowerSheets you keep talking about? Do you really use them? Do they actually work?” I love answering that question, because it gives me space to vehemently say, “YES! PowerSheets work! But only if you use them!”

I love sharing my PowerSheets journey with so many friends online and in real life, but I also realize that one of the best parts of PowerSheets is they can be used by women looking to cultivate a variety of goals in all seasons of life. What better way to show that than to share the stories of women just like you who are cultivating what matters using PowerSheets.

I started using PowerSheets in June. Last fall was a nightmare as a photographer. I was so behind on editing, and my family was getting the worst part of me. Shift to this year, and I’m caught up on work and enjoying the start of this holiday season energized and peaceful instead of stressed and exhausted. I’ve learned that I cannot do it all, especially during my busy season. With PowerSheets, I’m able to focus on getting the work done, caring for my clients, loving on my family and the extras just have to wait. -Karen S.

This is my third year using PowerSheets and as a woman with ADHD, they help immensely. Not only do I use them as a well-thought out to-do list, but they also remind me of what’s most important. I get easily distracted by my phone and social media, but when I take time to remember my Tending List, I think to myself, “No, this is not what’s best. This isn’t part of your why. Put your phone down. What’s your legacy?” PowerSheets have been so powerful for that. My favorite goal this year was to cultivate relationships. I connected and invested intentionally with my friends, my boyfriend, God, my church community, and myself. I have a clearer vision of where I’m going, all because of the goals I laid out in my PowerSheets. In addition to that, I paid off $1,200 of credit card debt in 3 months by using the Tending List, and I lost 20 lbs this year. All because I found a why. – Courtney H.

Using PowerSheets, I was able to take a graphic design class and start to earn my certificate! This required me to bring it up to my manager, get permission for them to cover part of the cost, and then coordinate and prioritize my time between working 4 days a week, school, and my family. In the midst of this, my twins started kindergarten, so my family was in a big transition! We were able to stay more or less grounded, and give each child the attention they needed to push through the transition. I finished my class yesterday and while one assignment’s grade is still forthcoming, I rocked it with an A while staying on top of work and family obligations! – Sarah K.

2017 has been a rough year for me (and many others it seems). That being said, I have also experienced tremendous growth this year. After 3 years of seasonal work, I started a full time career, and my PowerSheets have been the constant tool to get me through. They are a place of self-reflection and a daily reminder of what matters to me. I’ve been able to make huge strides in getting my finances under control and prioritizing healthy living. If I put ‘eat more veggies’ on my Tending List, I do it. They are a fantastic tool for anyone in any season of life. -Kate S.

2017 is my first year using PowerSheets, and I’ve never felt more fulfilled as I have this year. I may not have accomplished everything perfectly, but 2017 filled my self-care cup up with the help of checking off boxes little by little everyday. Between pictures I’ve wanted to print off for years to reading 52 books this year to being much more consistent with working out, I now feel like I am even a more enjoyable and present wife and mother because I’m not stressing about these things that I don’t think I have time to do. I will sing praise about the PowerSheets any day because they’ve helped me get my life back. -Erin C.

Using PowerSheets this year has helped me really take control of my physical and mental health. I work full-time and am in a part-time MBA program, and I thought I did not have time to exercise, eat healthy or take time for prayer or meditation. Through using PowerSheets, I’ve found that I can make time for the things that matter, and because I feel more mentally and physically well, I’m able to bring a better version of me to all aspects of my life. -Karen H.

My PowerSheets have allowed me to focus and has seriously helped with my anxiety. I skipped a couple of months in 2017 and without my Tending List to keep me accountable, I found myself more aimless, more anxious, and creating more worries for myself and others. For me, PowerSheets have been an incredible tool for finding a calm in a brain that, left to its own devices, can really spin out and get messy. – Jen M.

The PowerSheets provided a way for me to focus during a major life transition. My husband was retiring from the Air Force and starting a new career in a different state. I needed a way to stay focused on what my real goals were for the end of the year and then to actually make that happen. The PowerSheets initially had a bit of a learning curve for me because there aren’t enough lines (which is the point!). I am grateful to see my choices dictated by my goals now. I see progress. I see places where I can give myself grace because something came up. I’ve learned to have grace with myself, and allow imperfect progress. – Danielle H.

What’s your PowerSheets story? Leave us a comment and tell us what PowerSheets have helped you do! No two PowerSheets stories are the same, and we love that! Are you ready to start living on purpose and spending your days cultivating what matters to you? Order your PowerSheets Goal Planner today, and join the Cultivate family!

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