PowerSheets Success Stories from This Crazy Year

PowerSheets Success Stories from This Crazy Year

Almost every blog post I've written this year has started with some acknowledgement of how hard/difficult/unusual/crazy 2020 has been. And it certainly has! None of us could have predicted how this year would unfold when we set our PowerSheets® goals in December or January. While the circumstances of 2020 have scrambled or thrown off course some of our plans, it has been so encouraging to hear how many PowerSheets users have had success - sometimes wildly unexpected success - with their goals this year. Sometimes, the years filled with adversity can actually be our most clarifying.

As we move into 2021, a year that will likely have a few curveballs of its own, here are a few PowerSheets success stories to encourage and inspire you!

From Jen: " My 2020 goal was to learn to love exercise. I knew that if I worked past the initial discomfort, I would gain momentum. My idea was to do a lot of hiking in nature, and to go to the gym more often with friends. Instead, I turned to yoga during quarantine, then got into Pilates. Being at home every day has helped me stay consistent, and I can honestly say at the end of 2020 that I love exercising!"

From Lisa: "I thought my 2020 had been a failure, but it wasn't. I looked back and I actually accomplished a fair amount of goals. During the early months of COVID I used my energy to FINALLY organize my pantry, including getting an electrician to install a light. I AM SO MUCH HAPPIER WITH JUST THAT SIMPLE ACCOMPLISHMENT.

I set a goal at the beginning of the year to finally cut the cable cord. I DID IT! Now we're saving $130 a month, and that's after the costs of apps like Netflix.

I also decided to write a book, so I've been participating in writing workshops to get feedback and help with structure, and have completed three chapters so far."

From Sam: "Some months in my PowerSheets remained blank and untouched. But - you made me realize that it’s okay to have a season of rest, to say no to doing ‘all the things’, and to just be still and feel God’s presence carrying me through. I’ve become much more intentional with my time during this season, and I’ve learned to appreciate the small things and ordinary moments. I deactivated my social media in June and I don’t think I’ll go back."

From Jennifer: This year, I printed and bound hundreds of emails from our adoption process and made a 227-page coffee table-sized book documenting our adoption journey. I cannot wait to give this to our son - he has been home for six years! For years I have felt such shame for not having put it together sooner. I am so thankful my PowerSheets helped me make it happen. They've helped me pace myself, and it feels amazing to accomplish these monumental tasks little by little!

From Anne: 
In my 2020 PowerSheets Prep Work, I had written I wanted more time with my daughter, more time with my husband, to pay off my car, to have time to work on my side gig, to buy a new house, to declutter our current home and belongings, and to go on our cruise, among other things.

We returned from our cruise on March 2nd - our first official kid free vacation. I was laid off due to Covid On March 31st. My unemployment checks helped me pay off my car, and they have helped support me in building my side business.

Since my daughter isn't at daycare and my husband is working from home, we are all spending a lot more time together. In spending all that time together, my husband and I have decided to build our new house. With the way the housing market currently is, we are able to afford to build our new house - our mortgage will be about the same, but we'll be doubling our square footage.

While this is the crappiest way I could ever imagine getting everything I have always wanted... I have everything I've always wanted."

From Elissa: " My word for the year was healing. I have some health issues that until this year had gone undiagnosed, and I have been struggling with infertility. I used my PowerSheets to get organized as I began working with a bunch of specialists to troubleshoot what was going on. This year, I ended up eliminating a lot of foods that made me sick, reducing stress by changing careers, identifying and beginning to treat some new medical issues, and working with a fertility specialist. I’m happy to say I’m 13 weeks pregnant now and have a much better understanding of my body and my health. It’s been a hard year, but PowerSheets has helped me stay focused and also celebrate the progress I’ve made."

From Sara: " The 2020 goal I’ve made the most progress on is taking control of our finances. My husband and I paid off all debt except our mortgage, and we’ve been adding to our emergency fund. We’ve been so much better about budgeting and sticking to our budget this year - since we’ve both been working from home since March, we have gotten into a great habit of eating at home more and have had a lot less temptation for impulse spending. We have also been able to make charitable giving a more consistent habit. We still have some ground to cover to hit our savings goals and will likely turn our attention to focusing more on our long-term financial picture in 2021 (upping our giving, getting a handle on retirement accounts, maybe looking at possible investments, etc.) but I feel like 2020 helped us get to a good foundation of taking control of our money so we can have more freedom with it."

From Caitlin: "
One of my yearly goals was to spend more time with my kids. Due to COVID, we are now homeschooling. We have pizza and movie Fridays, and in the summer we would fish on Fridays. My boys have become friends as well as brothers and have each other's backs. It’s been a blessing to watch their bond grow."

From Heather: "I have completely pivoted my business, prodded by COVID, and my PowerSheets helped me finally say our loud what my real dreams were and how I can achieve them with my business. I'm now on a different and much more fulfilling path than at the beginning of the year, and I didn't see it coming at all."

From Joanna: "
A year ago at this time I was stressed beyond measure and unbelievably unhappy with how life was.  I had already purchased a ticket to CYYL 2019 and was looking forward to going, but it looked like my circumstances weren't going to allow for it. When December came, though, I felt a pull to attend like I hadn't before, and I made it happen.

And what happened next? Clarity. Peace. And a VISION. Those two days made it infinitely clear that things needed to change and that I already had an arsenal of tools to make those changes - I just wasn't able to see them before because my vision was so cloudy. As I wrote out my goals I felt plans falling into place and connections being made.

My goals:
1) Find a way to quit the job that was killing me slowly
2) Apply to nursing school
3) Sit for the IBCLC (lactation consultant) board exam
4) Reclaim my home and get back to basics (I live on a 14-acre homestead)
5) Be attentive to my friends (I had zero time to be a friend before)
6) Get healthy! (Go back to working out and taking care of myself)
7) Have fun! (Travel, say yes to the kids, take days off)
8) And finalize my divorce with peace and courage

Fast forward to 2020: I submitted my resignation for my job at the beginning of February. The department begged me to stay on but under a different supervisor and part time working from home. I agreed.

I applied to nursing school in March and received my letter of acceptance in May. I began in August. I applied to sit for the IBCLC exam in the spring and took it last week.

COVID hit and by default, I got to reclaim my home and spend much needed time with my kids. I grew our food this summer, raised chickens, made necessary repairs, and spent time outside every single day. My kids got to learn how to do these things with me and it was so fulfilling for all of us.

Even while distanced, I was able to tend to my friendships and make sure to be attentive to the people that matter to me. I HATE talking on the phone but those precious phone conversations are what got a lot of us through these rough months.

I made myself and my health a priority. I worked out 5x a week through COVID, made sure we were all eating healthy and taking our vitamins, and we lived happy.

We had fun! In January I took an actual vacation and went to Vegas to see friends and family, and through the past few months we've found pockets of fun and things to do to keep things exciting.

And lastly, at the beginning of September I sat through my divorce trial. I faced all of my fears and prepared mentally and emotionally to face my abuser. I found the strength to unapologetically fight for what my kids and I needed. 

There are still boxes to check off and I may not get to some of them this year, but that is ok. It has not been all rainbows and sunshine - it has been HARD, especially during a pandemic. I am so tired of doing hard things. But those hard things are an investment for where I want to be next year, and the years to come. I know, for certain, had I not taken those two days to focus and gain clarity, I would be stuck in the same crappy job and miserable. Take the time to invest in yourself and do the work. It is worth it."

Whew! If those stories don't fire you up for a year of progress, no matter the circumstances, I'm not sure what will! We'd love to hear your PowerSheets success story, big or small, in the comments, too. Please share!

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