My Word of the Year – Emily Enockson

My Word of the Year – Emily Enockson

We’re thrilled to introduce the next edition of “My Word of the Year” featuring Emily Enockson! Read about how she’s implementing FLOURISH into her life this year and how she’s making what matters happen with her non-profit ministry, Zachariah’s Acres!

Tell us who you are and what fires you up:
Hi friends!  I’m Emily an encourager, servant leader, big-dreamer and single gal embracing the expected calling helping run a non-profit that connects kids with special needs to God’s beautiful creation.

What fires me up:

  • Laughter and deep joy
  • Digging deep into God’s word
  • Fresh Peonies
  • Authentic community
  • Gardening
  • Worship music
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Encouraging people to use their unique gifts
  • Exploring new hiking trails
  • Serving the least of these
  • Creating joy and beauty in every season

What do you value the most?
God’s amazing grace, cultivating strong relationships with friends and family and using my gifts and skills to be a light to the world around me.


If you could envision your most fulfilling year yet, what would it look like?
I desire 2016 to be a year of thriving, abundant, and beautiful life! I don’t want to just “make it until midnight” but to put down roots, grow love and take joy in every season. A life that flourishes is rooted in an eternal perspective. The bible says “The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of the Lord endures forever. My most fulfilling year yet would be using MY unique gifts to build His kingdom and saying no to what doesn’t matter.  It would mean being well rested and making time for self-care so I can pour into others. It would be a year of growth, community, laughter, joy and lots of strong coffee!

What is your word for this year?

How have you implemented FLOURISH into your life so far this year?
As a gardener I’ve watched how our lives can often reflect the different seasons. A flourishing life might not bloom and bear an abundant harvest all the time, but each season can be full purpose and intention. This past winter I focused on learning to rest well and practice self-care. A lot of my work and life is pouring into others. I’ve learned that I need to fill my free time with what brings me joy and renewal.  Now, as we are heading into spring, I’m planting good seeds in my life. I’m getting rid of old habits and replacing them with intentional goals that move me towards a life that truly flourishes.

What are you saying yes to this year?

  • Intentional mornings
  • Daily self-care
  • Contentment
  • Audacious Faith
  • Eating nourishing food
  • Gathering with my tribe
  • Letting go of control
  • Digging into God’s word daily
  • God-sized dreams and bold prayers
  • Finding beauty in every season
  • Sharing my story
  • Margin

And, what are you saying no to this year?

  • Distractions!
  • Comparison
  • Over-analyzing
  • Doubt
  • Snoozing the alarm
  • BUSY!
  • Fear and Doubt
  • Clutter


Where do you want to be when you’re 80?
When I’m 80 I want to be surrounded by those I love sharing a delicious, healthy meal and enjoying rich and meaningful conversation. I want to be serving and using my gifts to make the world more beautiful.  I want to be the woman who opens her home to those who needs rest and encouragement.  I want to be sharing my adventures and life lessons with other’s so that they may see God’s grace and glory.

Thank you for sharing, Emily! We’re can’t wait to see you flourish this year!

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Blog  @ecenockson

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